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Special Handling Labels

Boldly display instructions and warnings with pressure sensitive labels.

  • 500 Labels Per Roll
  • Custom Labels Available
SHL01: Refrigerate Upon Arrival 500/rl 1.5x4''
SHL02: Lead Free RoHs Compliant 500/rl 2x2'
SHL03: Invoice Enclosed 2x3'' 500/rl
SHL04: Packing Slip Inside 2x4'' 500/rl
SHL05: Partial Carton 2x6'' 500/rl
SHL06: Mixed Merchandise 2x6'' 500/rl
SHL07: Do Not Double Stack 2x6'' 500/rl
SHL08: Heavy 2x8'' 500/rl
SHL09: Refrigerate Upon Arrival 3x3'' 500/rl
SHL10: Partial Carton 3x4'' 500/rl
SHL11: Packing List Enclosed 3x4'' 500/rl
SHL12: Caution - Keep From Freezing 3x4'' 500/rl
SHL13: Lay Flat- Do Not Stand On End 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL14: Do Not Double Stack 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL15: Top Load 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL16: Do Not Top Load 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL17: Top Load Only 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL18: Don't Don't Crush 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL19: Do Not Bend 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL20: Mixed 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL21: Inner Packages Comply 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL22: Do Not Drop 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL23: Do Not Break Down Skids 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL24: Caution - Heavy 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL25: Customer Pickup 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL26: Documents Enclosed 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL27: Do Not Break Down Skids 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL28: Do Not Break Shrink Wrap 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL29: Do Not Break Stretch Wrap 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL30: Do Not Open With Sharp Object 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL31: Do Not Stack 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL32: Do Not Double Stack 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL33: Do Not Inventory 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL34: Do Not Top Load 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL35: Do Not Crush 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL36: Do Not Drop 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL37: Do Not X-Ray 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL38: Expedite 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL39: Expost Papers Enclosed 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL40: Magnetic Media Do Not X-Ray 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL41: Mixed Pallet 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL42: Mixed Carton 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL43: Mixed Parts 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL44: Additional Parts Inside 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL45: Small Parts Enclosed 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL46: Partial Case 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL47: Refrigerate Upon Arrival 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL48: Repack 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL49: Ready To Ship 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL50: Top Load 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL51: Top Load Only 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL52: Top Load Only Tis Side Up 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL53: Top Heavy 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL54: No Top Freight 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL55: Open This End 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL56: Sample 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL57: No Top Freight 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL58: Packing List Enclosed 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL59: Delicate Instruments 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL60: Please Handle With Care 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL61: Packing Slip Inside 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL62: Do Not Stack 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL63: Do Not Double Stack 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL64: Fragile Electronic Equipment 3x5'' 500/rl
SHL65: Packing Slip Inside 4x4'' 500/rl
SHL66: Refrigerate On Arrival 4x4'' 500/rl

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