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If you are moving or simply need to ship out items then you are most likely looking for corrugated boxes. The boxes are strong enough to accommodate varying weights and are all approved for shipping with national carriers. Every box we sell has an individual upc stamp attesting to its quality and box strength. Over 1,000 different box sizes can be found here to help accommodate varying degrees of shaped items. Whether you need a corrugated box to ship a package or a corrugated carton for relocation purposes, we have what you need.


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The Common Uses for Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are ideal for people relocating to a new house, apartment, or dorm. Those moving out
can use corrugated moving boxes of varying sizes to pack the following items:

  • Large Boxes – Big but light items, such as a large pillow, blanket, and lamp

  • Medium Boxes – Artwork, toiletries, and kitchen appliances

  • Small Boxes – Collectibles, CDs or DVDs, books, and delicate items
    Corrugated boxes are also perfect for business owners who want a better way to ship their products to
    their customers. These cartons are appropriate for shipping fragile items. Additionally, business owners can
    customize the boxes to promote their brand.
    The Advantages of Using Corrugated Boxes

  • By using a corrugated box for shipping or relocation, you enjoy these benefits:
  • Maximum Protection – Corrugated boxes are effective in keeping delicate and non-fragile items in

  • good condition. The corrugated layers on the carton also deliver thermal insulation, which help keep
    moisture away from the packed goods.
  • Lightweight Design – Corrugated cartons are easy to move and handle while unloading, loading,
    and packaging.

  • Eco-Friendly – Carton manufacturers make corrugated boxes out of sustainable materials, which
    recycling centers can break down and recycle again after use. Once you finish unpacking the
    goods out of the box, you may fold it and store it for future use.
    Types of Corrugated Boxes

If you’re getting a box for shipping or moving, note that there are a variety of corrugated cartons for sale.
Some of the corrugated box options are:

  • Cube Corrugated Boxes – This cardboard shipping box is perfect for storing round and cylindrical shaped

  • Flat Shipping Boxes – Use them to ship oddly shaped items.

  • Tall Shipping Boxes – Long Shipping Boxes let you ship long and narrow-shaped goods, such as golf
    clubs. The Boxery offers corrugated cartons that come in various shapes and sizes. We also provide the option to order bulk shipping boxes to help you meet business requirements.

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