Our Range of High-Quality Poly Mailers

All of our Poly Mailers are made from high quality, 100% polyethylene material adding to its décor and resistance to water and tear. The poly bubble mailers are each lined with a full sheet of bubble on the inside to protect your valuable items from damage. It is known to be the most effective method both for protection and stabilization of your product. The Boxery offers these products at wholesale prices. Save by buying our poly bags and poly mailers in bulk.


The Common Uses of Poly Mailers

Use poly mailers to ship clothing that have no hard surfaces. A few examples include:
• T-Shirts
• Knitted sweaters
• Underwear
• Socks
• A pair of shorts
• A winter hat or baseball cap
Apart from apparel, poly mailers let you ship other small items. These include:
• Jewelry, such as brooches, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings
• Trinkets, such as pins and collectibles
• Ornaments for Christmas trees
• Well-packed art supplies
• A book or a magazine
• Chocolate and candy bars
The Benefits of Poly Mailers
What makes poly mailers a smart choice for shipping small goods is that they’re:
• More affordable than other packaging solutions
• Durable
• Highly reusable
• Lightweight
• Thin (poly mailers take less storage space)

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