Our Line of Chipboard Flat Mailers

The chipboard flat mailers provide for added protection to flat objects like photos, cards etc that need to withstand the rigors of mailing. Each stay flat mailer is lined with a strong sheet of kraft board to keep your items from bending and most importantly keep them protected. They come in white and brown colors with varying strengths.


Flat Poly Mailers are a brilliant way of shipping items. You can send documents, paperwork, discs, photos, and more. We have a wide array of flat mailers for your unique packaging and shipping needs. All our products go through a quality testing process to ensure the safest and best packaging option. Customers will also receive discounted rates when purchasing bulk orders, which is a great economical option. 

What Are Stay Flat Mailers?

The mailers typically consist of a high-quality, 2.5mm Polyethylene film. They come in a broad range of sizes to suit all packaging needs. These sizes go from as small as 6.25 × 9 inches (22.86 cm) to 30 × 36 inches (ca. 91 cm). 

Some products come with a returnable option, meaning they have a double seal. You can ask for a double-seal if you are shipping an item that you need the recipient to return. This option is also useful if the customer would like to reuse a mailer. 

Benefits of Stay Flat Mailers


All our Stay Flat Mailers consist of 50% recycled materials. Once the mailer has completed its role, it can also go into the recycling. Therefore, users can rest assured they are using an environmentally friendly product. 

Secure Tamper-Evident Seal

The Flat Mailer products are Tamper Evident, which means it is more difficult for people to open them undetected during the shipping process. Once sealed with the in-built sealer, the mailer will not reopen until the package's recipient unseals it. The mailers self-seal and have a release liner that is anti-static for easy use. Labels also adhere to the mailer and securely so that they will not come off during the shipping process. The packaging is also tear and puncture-resistant for the safety of shipped items. 

A Variety of Colors

Flat Mailers come in an assortment of fun and attractive colors. These hues include teal, pink, white, or black. They are also available in a recycled, gray shade, which is usually the cheaper option to purchase. 

Whether you want to express your personality, celebrate an occasion, or feature branding, you can find a wide assortment of colors suited to your purpose.

Also, there are a few unique designs, including:

  • Decorative Hearts

  • Purple Polka Dot

  • Hearts

  • Holiday Theme

  • Chevron Decorative Poly Bubble

Our Stay Flat Mailer Options

With a vast selection of packaging and shipping materials, we are pleased to extend that variety into our stay flat mailers. 

Our flat mailers come in a wide variety of design and material options:

  • Returnable

  • Gusseted

  • Colored

  • Recycled

  • Rigid Paperboard

  • Thermal packaging

  • Bubble

What Can I Ship with Flat Mailers?

You can ship various objects, such as: 

  1. Mail

  2. Documents requiring a signature

  3. CDs

  4. DVDs

  5. Photographs

  6. Items that are not fragile

  7. T-shirts

  8. Caps

  9. Bedding

  10. Prescription pharmaceuticals

  11. Other articles that are not too large or heavy


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