Kraft packaging tape

Designed for quick and permanent adhesion. The water activated kraft packaging tape sticks instantly to any corrugated surface and provides a tamper-evident bond. It can also be used for creative surfaces or unique situations.


The Common Uses of Kraft Tape

Kraft protective paper tapes are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including:

Sealing cartons and other products for shipment
Patching small tears in cardboard cartons
Packing personal belongings in boxes
Labeling boxes as “fragile”

The Advantages of Kraft Sealing Tape for Business Owners

Kraft tapes allow business owners to ship their products safely. When you have customers ordering your products online, you have to make sure that the package arrives at the intended destination in one piece. Kraft sealing tape let you meet this need. This type of tape is highly durable. Once applied, it “becomes one” with the box. This means that the tape will be as sturdy as the carton itself. Kraft sealing tape also helps shippers handle your product with great care. If you seal your box with Kraft tape and use the same tape to label the package as “fragile,” shippers will know to be extra careful.

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