How to make a box.

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ChecSo this my seem pretty simple and not worthy of its own blog post, but you would be surprised at how many people get this one wrong. Well, to be honest there is actually no “wrong” way to tape a box just “better” ways.

There are countless videos and tutorials that show you the simple fold and tape, but there are much better ways to reinforce your box and even specific shipping standards.
The main difference is the method of taping the bottom. Take a look at how we broke it down.

1. Unfold your box
Boxes come flat because when buying more than one at a time it’s just easier for transporting and saves a ton of storage space

2. Bottoms up.

Flip your box over. Make sure you’re taping the bottom. Essentially it doesn’t make a big difference on most boxes but there are a few where it does (moving boxes, or printed boxes) so it’s worth it to pay attention

3. Folding

Fold the shorter flaps inward first, then the taller ones. This gives your box stronger durability because the taller flaps can cover the full length of the shorter slaps and help reinforce them and the box as a whole.
4. Tape time.

Firstly make sure you are using the right tape and a good dispenser.
Apply tape across the length of the box, in the middle where the two taller flaps meets. Try and get the flaps as close to each other as possible, and make sure they are aligned evenly. You can double it if you need that line of tape by simply applying tape on top of it.

5. The “H” method.

This is the part most people overlook.
Reinforce your box with 2 lines of tape across the edge of the width.
This is known as the “H” method and is used in many fulfillment and shipping center.
Do the same thing to the top of the box after its packed and if you have a shipping label without a packing slip, its a good idea to cover that with a  few pieces of tape as well.

Hope this helps! get packing!

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