Packaging and shipping are an integral part of any business, but if not properly managed, they can be extremely costly and influence the product’s overall price. The most prominent cost of any shipping venture is the standard cardboard box.


If you’re a business looking to ship your products, you must be wondering where to get shipping boxes for cheap. There are many ways to save on the packaging box price and still impress your customers with customized packaging. You have to analyze the type of packaging you use and the shipping carrier you choose.


This article will discuss 10 tips to help save money on shipping boxes by helping you learn how to buy boxes for shipping. Let’s get started!

1. Check Product Dimensions

Instead of buying multiple for-sale cardboard boxes in bulk, first, measure the dimensions of your product. The cardboard box should be as close to the product dimensions as possible to save up on shipping costs and ensure the product reaches the customers safely.

2. Analyze Protection Requirements

You’ve probably already searched for “corrugated paper near me,” and this really depends on the protection requirements. For instance, you can use standard cardboard boxes to sell lightweight items like clothes and books. However, selling electronic gadgets or other heavyweight items requires heavy-duty cardboard boxes with multiple corrugated layers.

3. Use Standard Cardboard Box Dimensions

Many shipping couriers have fixed rates for standard cardboard box dimensions; thus, you can get a better deal. However, you must be careful; packaging small items in big boxes damages the product and increases freight charges. Thus, choose wisely.

4. Bulk Buy Shipping Boxes

Once you have determined the dimensions of your product, you can bulk-buy shipping boxes and/or order custom cardboard box sizes from packaging suppliers. In this way, you don’t waste money on the wrong box sizes and offer an optimized packaging experience to your customers.

5. Use Carton Boxes

Cardboard boxes are generally more expensive than other packaging options due to their sturdy and reliable construction. Thus, you can use cheap carton boxes for delivering lightweight items, such as clothes, stationery, blankets, etc., or anything that isn’t damaged under pressure.

6. Opt For Mailers

You can also use mailers or cheap boxes for mailing. They are sturdier than carton boxes and don’t cost as much as a standard cardboard box. Mailers come with a protective lining and are ideal for small, lightweight items like books, jewelry, clothes, etc.

7. Consider The Quality Of Corrugated Material

The price of the corrugated cardboard box sizes also depends on the corrugated material’s quality. For instance, corrugated cardboard boxes consist of a ridge-style medium placed in between two liners.

The ridges offer structural stability, prevent bending, and are available in multiple designations. The higher the designation, the costlier the box. Thus, if your products are lightweight, don’t spend money on heavy-duty cardboard boxes.

8. Compare Suppliers

Where to find small shipping boxes? Don’t choose the first shipping supplier you find; research and compare several online and local vendors. Reach out to them via chat or call and try to negotiate prices. You would be amazed how much you can analyze a business and its commitment to quality and customer support via direct communication. Choose a supplier with multiple custom cardboard box sizes and other packaging supplies.

9. Use Different Sizes

As stated above, your box size should be similar to your product size. Doing so will shave off the dimensions of the courier and reduce freight charges.

10. Add All Packaging Costs

Depending on your product, your cardboard boxes might also require external protection, such as bubble wrap, adhesives, tape, etc. Try to find corrugated cardboard boxes that negate the need for such supplies and reduce overall packaging costs.


When it comes to buying bulk shipping boxes, small buying decisions ensure you save money on freight charges. Moreover, the overall product price decreases by saving money on shipping boxes, which leads to better customer satisfaction.