Why packaging means something.

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In an age of online shopping and eCommerce, consumer experience is slowly declining.
Thanks to packaging design, it still has a fighting chance against sinking with the brick & mortar ship.

In 2018, 14.3% of all annual retail sales were done online. So how do you bring the in store feeling to those consumers?
The answer is simple. Packaging

Think about it like this, your product integrity and customer service obviously need to remain the same if not better when dealing with online shoppers. So how do I give my consumer the in-store experience? Besides of course your product and your website, the only connection they will have to your brand as a whole is something they will actually take into their home,
that is your packaging.

That’s right, those simple shipping boxes can go a long way. It is literally a physical representation of your brand and culture that can be sitting on someone’s kitchen table.
It goes beyond the product, the packaging is the brand itself.
That is why it’s important for you to have the right packaging design or logo printing, it is a way to bring the store to your consumer.
Yes, it will cost a little more but this raises your brand as a whole and gives your buyer a better experience. Instead of unpacking your amazing product in simple brown box, you can print a beautiful packaged box for properly nesting your product.

Imagine this.
You have two stores in front of you.
One store is selling the product you want at a reasonable price, but the store is messy and has terrible customer service.
The second is selling the same product just a tad more expensive but if you walk in they will treat you like you own the place. The cleanliness of the second store is also of much higher standard.
Many consumers are willing to pay for the more expensive option because they know they are getting a better experience.

Beautiful packaging says a lot about your company. It says that you care about going the extra mile for customer care and experience, and that you care about all the details.


To sum it all up.
Here are a few reasons branded packaging is a must.

  1. Brand Recognition – This is how consumers interact with your brand as well as the general status & image. Your packaging will portray your brand.
  2. Customer experience – The most important, you are giving them a chance to relive that in store experience or create a new one. When packaging is done right it’s like entering that clean fresh smelling store.  – always try and add a personal touch either a note for the buyer or even printed tissue paper.
  3. Advertising – Your package goes through many steps to get to your buyer, think about all the free advertising opportunities if your logo was printed on that package!