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Paper Mailers

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If your business ships anything or you’re selling stuff online you’ve probably heard of a “mailer” before.
There are many different types and they have many names.
Mailers envelopes, padded envelopes, mailer bags, poly mailers, even poly bags (though it’s technically not a mailer.
They are one of the most common forms of packaging items next to boxes. Most of the time  they are used for smaller or lightweight objects that don’t need the protection of a box.
First thing to clarify before we get started is the name. They are called poly mailers or mailers bags.

Generally if something is called a mailer, it’s usually the outer packaging and it’s something that  you can put a label or stamp on. This is where many people get confused, people tend to call “poly mailers” and “poly bags” but a poly bag isn’t something you can really put a stamp or label on.
Mailers are more durable, they are not see through like poly bags which are more like glorified plastic bags or plastic wrap.
Bag mailers are not corrugated mailers, thats a whole different story. 
All of our mailers bags ship for free!:)
We will divide mailers into two categories
In today’s post we are going to be covering your paper options. With your paper mailers you have a few options, Flat or chipboard mailers and Kraft bubble mailers or “padded envelopes as some call them.
Here’s some information and how to use them.
1.Flat Mailers These are flat cardboard mailers. Great for shipping flat items that need a  little more protection. The kraft board lining helps protect items from bending, and there are many different options and sizes. They are also environmentally friendly!
Best used for packing:
Photos, important documents, fancy birthday cards to your grandma, books, DVDs, Video games. Etc
2. Kraft Bubble Mailers – These are the most common paper mailer. They look like monella envelopes on the outside and have an inner lining of protective bubble padding.
Best used for packing:
Jewelry,small electronics, phone cases, accessories. trinkets, but don’t put anything too fragile in it unless you double up on the bubble.

In the next post we will cover Poly mailers!
Stay tuned!