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One Piece Bookfolds

Ideal for shipping and mailing of books, stationery, artwork, photos, binders, records, disks and more. Set-up and seal in seconds with tape or glue. Die Cut One Piece Folder Boxes - white outside, brown inside. Furnished flat.

ECT 32 Strength

  • Standard for books, artwork, catalogs and all flat parcels
  • Set up and seal in seconds
  • Great for businesses
  • * Symbolizes extra depth scores
  • Custom Sizes and Logo Printing Available
  • Call for Bulk Discounts
  • Available in White & Kraft
CXFOPF752*: One Piece Bookfolds 71/2x51/2x2
CXFOPF962*: One Piece Bookfolds 91/2x61/2x2
CXFOPF06*: One Piece Folder 95/8x65/8x11/4
CXFOPF94*: One Piece Bookfolds 95/8x65/8x21/2
CXFOPF963*: One Piece Bookfolds 95/8x65/8x31/2
CXFOPF07*: One Piece Folder 101/4x81/4x11/4
CXFOPF08*: One Piece Folder 101/4x101/4x1
CXFOPF09*: One Piece Folder 111/8x85/8x1
CXFOPF10*: One Piece Folder 111/8x85/8x2
CXFOPF11*: One Piece Folder 111/8x85/8x4
CXFOPF15*: One Piece Folder 121/8x91/8x2
CXFOPF1294*: One Piece Bookfolds 121/8x91/8x4
CXFOPF12121*: One Piece Bookfolds 121/2x121/2x1
CXFOPF22*: One Piece Folder 121/2x121/2x1
CXFOPF23: One Piece Folder 12 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 2
CXFOPF14144*: One Piece Bookfolds 14x14x4
CXFOPF28*: One Piece Folder 141/8x85/8x1
CXFOPF1482*: One Piece Bookfolds 141/8x85/8x2
CXFOPF31*: One Piece Folder 141/4x111/4x2
CXFOPF15112*: One Piece Bookfolds 15x111/8x2
CXFOPF17142*: One Piece Bookfolds 171/8x141/8x2
CXFOPF50*: One Piece Folder 20 x 16 x 2
CXFOPF51*: One Piece Folder 24 x 18 x 2
CXFOPF52*: One Piece Folder 24 x 24 x 2
CXFOPF80: One Piece Bookfolds 91/2x61/2x2
CXFOPF81: One Piece Bookfolds 95/8x65/8x11/4
CXFOPF82: One Piece Bookfolds 101/4 x 81/4 x 11/4
CXFOPF83: One Piece Bookfolds 111/8 x 85/8 x 1
CXFOPF84: One Piece Bookfolds 111/8x85/8x2
CXFOPF85: One Piece Bookfolds 111/8x85/8x4
CXFOPF86: One Piece Bookfolds 121/8x91/8x1
CXFOPF87: One Piece Bookfolds 121/8x91/8x2
CXFOPF88: One Piece Bookfolds121/8x91/8x3
CXFOPF89: One Piece Bookfolds 121/2x121/2x1
CXFOPF90: One Piece Bookfolds 121/2x121/2x21/2
CXFOPF91: One Piece Bookfolds 15x111/8x2
CXFOPF92: One Piece Bookfolds 171/8x141/8x2
CXFOPF93: One Piece Bookfolds 171/4x111/4x2

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