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LUX Colored Poly Mailers

LUX® colored poly courier bags features Polyethylene with superior tear and puncture resistance. The inner layer provides document confidentiality and the white outer surface is ideal for high quality printing. Great for books, clothing and like items. Water resistant and extremely lightweight for great shipping savings. All around a great economical choice for shipping.


  • Resistant to water and dirt
  • Outstanding tear strength
  • Self seal
  • Postage saver
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Bulk Discounts Available
PMBLK1: LUX Black Poly Bags #1 6x9'' 1000/cs
PMBLK2: LUX Black Poly Bags #2 7.5x10.5'' 1000/cs
PMBLK3: LUX Black Poly Bags #3 9x12'' 1000/cs
PMBLK4: LUX Black Poly Bags #4 10x13'' 1000/cs
PMBLK5: LUX Black Poly Bags #5 12x15.5'' 500/cs
PMBLK6: LUX Black Poly Bags #6 14.5x19'' 250/cs
PMPNK1: LUX Pink Poly Bags #1 6x9'' 1000/cs
PMPNK2: LUX Pink Poly Bags #2 7.5x10.5'' 1000/cs
PMPNK3: LUX Pink Poly Bags #3 9x12'' 1000/cs
PMPNK4: LUX Pink Poly Bags #4 10x13'' 1000/cs
PMPNK5: LUX Pink Poly Bags #5 12x15.5'' 500/cs
PMPNK6: LUX Pink Poly Bags #6 14.5x19'' 250/cs
PMPNK7: LUX Pink Poly Bags #7 19x24'' 250/cs
PMPNK8: LUX Pink Poly Bags #8 24x24'' 250/cs
PMGRN1: LUX Green Poly Bags #1 6x9'' 1000/cs
PMGRN2: LUX Green Poly Bags #2 7.5x10.5'' 1000/cs
PMGRN3: LUX Green Poly Bags #3 9x12'' 1000/cs
PMGRN4: LUX Green Poly Bags #4 10x13'' 1000/cs
PMGRN5: LUX Green Poly Bags #5 12x15.5'' 500/cs
PMGRN6: LUX Green Poly Bags #6 14.5x19'' 250/cs
PMPRP1: LUX Purple Poly Bags #1 6x9'' 1000/cs
PMPRP2: LUX Purple Poly Bags #2 7.5x10.5'' 1000/cs
PMPRP3: LUX Purple Poly Bags #3 9x12'' 1000/cs
PMPRP4: LUX Purple Poly Bags #4 10x13'' 1000/cs
PMPRP5: LUX Purple Poly Bags #5 12x15.5'' 500/cs
PMPRP6: LUX Purple Poly Bags #6 14.5x19'' 250/cs
PMBLUE1: LUX Blue Poly Bags #1 6x9'' 1000/cs
PMBLUE2: LUX Blue Poly Bags #2 7.5x10.5'' 1000/cs
PMBLUE3: LUX Blue Poly Bags #3 9x12'' 1000/cs
PMBLUE4: LUX Blue Poly Bags #4 10x13'' 1000/cs
PMBLUE5: LUX Blue Poly Bags #5 12x15.5'' 500/cs
PMBLUE6: LUX Blue Poly Bags #6 14.5x19'' 250/cs
PMYLW6: LUX Yellow Poly Bags #6 14.5x19'' 250/cs

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