Suffocation Warning Bags


Suffocation Warning Bags: Why It’s Important to Pack with Them

Suffocation warning bags may seem unnecessary at times, and you might be wondering why they’re actually necessary. But the risk of suffocation, especially for small children, is an extremely important factor to consider. As a business owner, you should always endeavor to protect the safety of your customers and their children. 

Whether you’re shipping out parcels as part of a large business or just getting things off the ground with a small operation, you’re likely to need suffocation warning bags at some point. Shipping through Amazon can be a great way to reach wider audiences, but it’s essential to be prepared with the right tools and equipment. Their policy on packaging means that some products must be bagged up with suffocation warnings in order to leave the fulfillment center. 

What’s Amazon’s policy on suffocation warning bags?

Poly bags with suffocation warnings are not compulsory by federal law across the whole of the USA. However, some states such as New York, California and Virginia have made them a necessary requirement and most importantly, so have Amazon. 

The guidelines for this are fairly straightforward and use is only mandatory under certain conditions:

  • Size of the bag opening

  • Bag volume

  • Bag dimensions

  • Product type

The size of the bag opening is the biggest indicator on whether a suffocation warning is mandatory. All poly bags with a minimum flat opening length of 5 inches (12.7cm) must be printed with the warning.

For boxed units, the requirements are slightly more specific. For boxes with perforated sides that do not pass the Amazon drop test, bags are essential to keep the contents safe. These bags must always be printed with the suffocation warnings on both sides and in print large enough to read.

What types of bags are available?

So, you might be wondering what types of poly bags are available with the printed warning and which are acceptable for use. Put simply, either of the following options are fine for packaging, as long as they carry the suffocation warning and are sealed effectively.

Self-seal suffocation warning bags

Self-seal bags are a great option for packaging that’s convenient and safe for your customer. They’re compliant with all of the Amazon guidelines and carry a clear print of the suffocation warning required for transport. With a peel and stick adhesive, they’re easy to use and don’t require any extra materials to get your parcels moving.

Open ended poly bags with suffocation warning

Open ended bags are also a great option, depending on the size and shape of your parcel or your packing preference. These are printed with the necessary warnings and can either be sealed with heat or packing tape. These are Amazon-compliant and are available in custom sizing.

Why are suffocation warning bags so important?

Suffocation of children, babies and pets is more common than you might think, so using poly bags with warnings is essential to keep your customers safe. The thin plastic can easily create an air-tight seal that’s hard to escape from. As well as being a part of compliance when it comes to packaging regulations, it’s good practice to use suffocation warning bags to ensure safety for everyone. 

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