Eco-friendly packaging.
​If you are using daily packaging supplies check out these eco-friendly options.

Boxes & Corrugated Materials.


Pretty much all of our boxes can be recycled, and many of them are even made from partially recycled materials.
Cool fact, did you know boxes can be recycled up to 5 times!?
The corrugated board is recycled down into fiber and then used again in the box making process.
To stay green for shipping you can use boxes or corrugated mailers, and for extra protection  you can use corrugated rolls on larger items and sheets for extra filling.

Packaging Protection.


For keeping your item secure during shipments you can use kraft paper to wrap around the item itself and as a void fill. It also has a great look. When dealing with luxury items, apparel or items that you may want to represent with more of a personal organic touch, you can use newsprint or tissue paper. All these options are recyclable. If you need even more protection you can use peanuts. We carry non-foam peanuts which are actually made from a blend of cornstarch or wheat and other non toxic ingredients, they are compostable after use and biodegradable.
Cool fact, they even dissolve in water.
Many people have switched over to this option since New York City’s ban on all foam materials.



Mailers are great to use for shipping flat or small items.
Kraft bubble mailers are a little more eco-friendly in their manufacturing process, there is still a layer of bubble inside for protection, but the paper itself can be recycled. We also have an option that is padded with completely with paper not bubble. If you don’t need that layer of protection go with chipboard mailers all of them can be recycled and we have them in paperboard which gives it a more artisanal earthy look or you can get them in white which has a more corporate appeal.



We have many eco-friendly options for tape.
Tape is a necessity on  every package. Most tape is made out of an acrylic blend but we have some paper tape options as well. Generally because of the way its used paper tape isn’t recycled, but they are biodegradable which helps reduce landfills and general waste.
We have regular paper tape, and the most popular is the water activated reinforced paper tape and they come in white too!
We even have option to out your logo on the tape.

Here’s the full line of of our Eco-friendly products.

We hope this was helpful and you may have learned a thing or two about your environmentally friendly packaging options. L