Winter is here.
The cold weather and conditions can really backup your business and in the way of deliveries Here are a few tips to help you think ahead and stay on top of things this winter season.

1. Ice Melt

Keep your driveways, walkways and parking lots clear for customers and deliveries. Put out some ice melt before snow falls to make it easier to get around. It’ll save you a lot of shovel time!

2. Insulate

 If you’re getting a draft from windows in your office that might be bringing up your heat bill. It can also add discomfort to your employees and affect their workflow. There are many ways you can try and insulate your window. Try putting some bubble sheets over the windows they will help with drafts and you will still get in all the natural sunlight! (Bigger cell will have better insulation)

3. Scheduling

Keep in mind that one storm can back up deliveries and orders for a few days. Make sure to prepare and look ahead and plan accordingly. If you have delays or back ups, reach out to your customers and let them know about possible delays.

4. ​The Warehouse

Warehouses are hard to keep at the perfect temperature. Especially with the weather fluctuating  the whole season. Make sure to have some extra jackets on hand to keep your warehouse employees warm. ​

5. Holiday

There are so many holidays in fall and winter, make sure to keep your customers up to date about your holiday hours or closures.

6. On the Road

In the event that your car gets stuck in some heavy snow or slippery ice you can try sliding a sheet of cardboard or flat box under your wheels to create traction and get you out of a tight spot. Keep a few sheets in your car!

Enjoy the season! Stay warm!