If you’ve ordered any big shipments in the past or take pallets for delivery, you may have heard of the term “freight” or a “freight shipment”.
Essentially, this means that your order is going via truck and is pretty large in dimensions so it would be cheaper to be sent through a carrier that specifically deals with large orders as opposed to the more common parcel carriers such as UPS or FEDEX.

When dealing with large orders or bulky items, it is generally beneficial to use freight.
Besides for the financial benefit, items are able to retain more of the original manufacturer packaging and increments.
We even have something called “flat rate freight” which means your price is capped at a designated amount no matter how many items you ad to your order.

The catch is that you need a commercial address.
You also need a way to get the pallet of the truck container, this is either by having a loading dock (where the truck pulls right up to) or you have a forklift to remove the pallet.
Depending on the freight company and the size of the pallets you might be able to find an alternative method to remove the items. Otherwise the freight companies will charge you (or the company you ordered with)  a “liftgate fee” which means they need to use their liftgate on the back of the truck to lower your items to ground level.

You can always ask us about our freight shipping tiers.