We put a few tips together to help you send out fragile items or collectibles worry free.
What you”ll need.
A Box.
Void Fill.

1. It’s all in the box.


Everything is in the box, literally your items go in the box so make sure you have the right size.
Having a box that is too big can also be an issue as your item might shift around a lot more during shipping and can possibly break in the interim.
You want your item to have a nice snug fit.
We would start with suggesting a 7x5x5 or 5x5x5 there are many other options that can work, so make sure to measure items properly first, and make sure to leave enough space for packaging protection.
(If you are shipping have glass or liquids try a heavy duty box)

2. Bubble, bubble.


First thing you are going to do is take your item and wrap it a few times with bubble roll.
It’s fairly easy, either use bubble bags or get a rolls of bubble that are perforated every 12 inches for easy handling while packing. Most of our rolls are perforated.

3. Void Fill


If your package has there’s extra room, you’re gonna need to fill it up with something. You can use peanutskraft paper or newsprintFor fragile items Kraft paper or peanuts work best as they can take more of an impact when your item shifts,
We cannot stress enough how important it is to use void fill, to fill up that space.

4. Tape


Taping your box at the end and when making the box are key factors in keeping your items protected, a nice snug fit is ideal so your item shifts around less. Standered packing tape should do the trick.

Start packing – Step by step

Step 1.
Make your box.
Start by folding the bottoms adding tape to secure and use the H method we mentioned here.
Step 2. Protect your items use bubble to wrap your item a few times.
Step 3. Layer your box with a bubble sheet our two.
Step 4. Place your item in the box, make sure it fits snug.
Step 5. Void fill, use peanuts or crunch up some kraft paper as void fill.
Step 6. Tape, add a few layers of tape on top to close your box and secure your package, a nice tight pack and seal gives you item less chance to shift around.​Or just check out our latest video!