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Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are available in a variety of sizes and colors to enhance the gifting experience. These boxes are perfect for gifting and retail packaging.

  • One piece - No tape required
  • Chipboard construction
  • Ships flat
GB222W: Gift Boxes 2x2x2 - 200/cs White
GB332W: Gift Boxes 3x3x2 - 100/cs White
GB333W: Gift Boxes 3x3x3 - 100/cs White
GB442W: Gift Boxes 4x4x2 - 100/cs White
GB444W: Gift Boxes 4x4x4 - 100/cs White
GB553W: Gift Boxes 5x5x3 - 100/cs White
GB644W: Gift Boxes 6x4.5x4.5 - 100/cs White
GB664W: Gift Boxes 6x6x4 - 100/cs White
GB666W: Gift Boxes 6x6x6 - 100/cs White
GB777W: Gift Boxes 7x7x7 - 100/cs White
GB883W: Gift Boxes 8x8x3.5 - 100/cs White
GB886W: Gift Boxes 8x8x6 - 50/cs White
GB888W: Gift Boxes 8x8x8.5 - 50/cs White
GB944W: Gift Boxes 9x4.5x4.5 - 100/cs White
GB995W: Gift Boxes 9x9x5.5 - 50/cs White
GB999W: Gift Boxes 9x9x9 - 50/cs White
GB1054W: Gift Boxes 10x5x4 - 100/cs White
GB10106W: Gift Boxes 10x10x6 - 50/cs White
GB1233W: Gift Boxes 12x3x3 - 100/cs White
GB1266W: Gift Boxes 12x6x6 - 50/cs White
GB12126W: Gift Boxes 12x12x6 - 50/cs White
GB12129W: Gift Boxes 12x12x9 - 50/cs White
GB1466W: Gift Boxes 14x6x6 - 50/cs White
GB1577W: Gift Boxes 15x7x7 - 50/cs White
GB1788W: Gift Boxes 17x8.5x8.5 - 50/cs White
GB222K: Gift Boxes 2x2x2 - 200/cs Kraft
GB332K: Gift Boxes 3x3x2 - 100/cs Kraft
GB333K: Gift Boxes 3x3x3 - 100/cs Kraft
GB442K: Gift Boxes 4x4x2 - 100/cs Kraft
GB444K: Gift Boxes 4x4x4 - 100/cs Kraft
GB553K: Gift Boxes 5x5x3 - 100/cs Kraft
GB644K: Gift Boxes 6x4.5x4.5 - 100/cs Kraft
GB664K: Gift Boxes 6x6x4 - 100/cs Kraft
GB666K: Gift Boxes 6x6x6 - 100/cs Kraft
GB777K: Gift Boxes 7x7x7 - 100/cs Kraft
GB883K: Gift Boxes 8x8x3.5 - 100/cs Kraft
GB944K: Gift Boxes 9x4.5x4.5 - 100/cs Kraft
GB1054K: Gift Boxes 10x5x4 - 100/cs Kraft
GB10106K: Gift Boxes 10x10x6 - 50/cs Kraft
GB1266K: Gift Boxes 12x6x6 - 50/cs Kraft
GB1466K: Gift Boxes 14x6x6 - 50/cs Kraft
GB444B: Gift Boxes 4x4x4 - 100/cs Black
GB442B: Gift Boxes 4x4x2 - 100/cs Black
GB644B: Gift Boxes 6x4.5x4.5 - 100/cs Black
GB664B: Gift Boxes 6x6x4 - 100/cs Black
GB666B: Gift Boxes 6x6x6 - 100/cs Black
GB883B: Gift Boxes 8x8x3.5 - 100/cs Black
GB944B: Gift Boxes 9x4.5x4.5 - 100/cs Black
GB10106B: Gift Boxes 10x10x6 - 50/cs Black
GB1266B: Gift Boxes 12x6x6 - 50/cs Black
GB442R: Gift Boxes 4x4x2 - 100/cs Red
GB444R: Gift Boxes 4x4x4 - 100/cs Red
GB644R: Gift Boxes 6x4.5x4.5 - 100/cs Red
GB664R: Gift Boxes 6x6x4 - 100/cs Red
GB666R: Gift Boxes 6x6x6 - 100/cs Red
GB883R: Gift Boxes 8x8x3.5 - 100/cs Red
GB944R: Gift Boxes 9x4.5x4.5 - 100/cs Red
GB10106R: Gift Boxes 10x10x6 - 50/cs Red
GB1266R: Gift Boxes 12x6x6 - 50/cs Red

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