Kraft Paper Rolls

The kraft paper rolls are made of 100% recyclable material and is great for wrapping or cushioning items for shipping. When wrapping your items, the kraft paper will provide an extra layer of protection to prevent against scratches. It can also be used as a void fill for shipping, providing your items with that extra protection and stability during shipping.

  • Used in wrapping, interleaving or great as a void fill.
  • Made from 100% recycled material.
  • Naturally bio-degradable and recyclable
  • Non-abrasive
  • Roll Core 3''
  • Custom rolls and sizes available

Do you need quality craft paper for projects such as wrapping or shipping? What about a paper mat to protect your floors when the kids are painting or when you're moving furniture? Kraft Paper Rolls are the perfect solution for all these uses and more. They are strong, durable, and give you a huge bang for your buck! Not many materials are as versatile as the brown Kraft paper roll. Whether at home, on the job, or for special events and occasions, it's your next go-to for a material that won't tear easily. Unlike your typical wrapping or packaging paper, the brown paper roll can withstand an impressive amount of weight. Our Kraft paper rolls reduce ripping or tearing, and we are pleased to say they are 100% recyclable. At The Boxery, we are your one-stop-shop for packaging, moving, and shipping supplies. Find out today the many uses for our Kraft paper rolls! 

Gift Wrapping 

Have a lot of wrapping to do but tired of your packaging ripping? These paper rolls are perfect for Christmas or birthday wrapping because they are stronger than the thin wrap you usually use. The material is thick, making it harder to rip, even when wrapping huge gift boxes. If you're afraid that it will be challenging to work with due to its thickness, don't worry — it folds easily! The smooth, brown paper roll gives your packages a classic look. It is easy to dress up with ribbons, bows, ties, or strings. You can have brown paper packages tied up with string, and we guarantee this will be one of your favorite things. 

Packing & Shipping

Kraft rolls are ideal for packing or storing your belongings. If you are transporting anything in a box, this paper will protect it. You can use it to wrap up breakables, provide extra cushion on the bottom of boxes, or cover an item to protect it from dust. The cost of packing or shipping items depends on the weight of a package. Kraft rolls are lightweight, and they cost less than plastic or cardboard box packaging. Think paper isn't that strong? Kraft paper serves various industrial and agricultural purposes, such as cement or fertilizer bags. It is moisture-proof, and it protects against freezing temperatures, heat, and humidity.

You also can use it as an added protective layer between boxes or bags in pre-cut sheets. 

  • Fill in all the void space in your packages with this paper instead of bubble wrap or peanuts. No more peanuts scattered all over the floor — just pack Kraft paper in the extra spaces. You can even reuse and recycle it!

Business Parcels

Packing or shipping for your business will be less of a hassle with Kraft paper. Keep some on hand in the office, warehouse, or workroom for when packages need to ship. The material will last longer, and it's ideal for business owners who ship regularly and want to ensure their items arrive undamaged and unscratched.  

Craft Projects

You can use these paper rolls for just about any craft project. 

Do your kids like to play with paint? How about markers? What about toy trucks? Protect your tables and floors from all the messes and mishaps! Lay some paper down so that when the paint flies or the toy monster truck skids a tire, no trace will be on your surfaces. Need to paint a wall but don't want to lay your sheets down to cover the floor? Line this paper up against the wall and let those brushes do their thing. You'll have no more need to worry about tripping over sheets or plastic wrap that doesn't lay flush on the floor. Need draft paper on the job? Kraft is easy to draw on with pencils or pens, and it won't tear if you need to erase. Draw, sketch, make a homemade blueprint — this material is for play and projects of all sorts. If you need some last-minute party ideas or enjoy DIY projects, Kraft is all you need to let your creative side soar. Make homemade Halloween masks, cut out words for wall art, make a banner for a birthday party or shower, customize your invitations, even cut out table cards for events such as weddings or proms. 

Classroom Supplies

Calling all teachers! Need some thick paper for classroom supplies? Kraft is terrific for all kinds of classroom activities. When your students need to make posters but don't have any poster board, this paper is heavy-duty enough for all the glue and markers. It can also be useful when you need something to cover up bulletin boards during quizzes and tests. You also can use it to decorate your bulletin boards by hanging fun pictures, banners, or art projects made by your students. Does the art room need more construction paper? Kraft has a great material to make papier-macher sculptures or props. For clay or pottery class, tape large portions down on the art tables or counters so that they don't get dried clay caked on them. 

What Makes Kraft Paper Rolls the Better Choice?

Kraft rolls offer many benefits. More than a brown paper roll, this material has many uses and offers superior protection and quality.

Quality and Coating

  • Kraft paper consists of all-natural ingredients, like pulp from various trees. The making process involves no bleaching, which helps keep down the manufacturing cost. Unlike most manufacturing methods, Kraft uses all wood types to create its materials instead of specialized wood.

The paper does not have any coating or waxing treatment. Sometimes, paper infused with wax can be harmful. It can scratch against certain surfaces or cause skin irritation for some people. Kraft Paper Rolls do not have these coatings.

  • The material also does well in humidity and will not leak or melt infused coatings or inks.

Recycled Materials

Because it is a recycled material, it's better for the environment than regular wrapping or packing paper. It's biodegradable, so it quickly decomposes, unlike plastic wrap, which takes longer to decompose. Kraft helps protect the environment because trees are renewable resources, and its processing method uses several types of trees instead of just one or two. 


If you package something that needs to “breathe,” this paper helps keep items in packages fresh. It allows enough air in so that your contents don't sweat in dry heat. If you package food in anything other than containers, Kraft rolls are ideal for keeping meats and other foods safe and fresh. To avoid the harmful chemicals that might seep through the plastic wrap, use these brown paper rolls for natural packaging. 

The Best Value You Could Ask for Is Here at The Boxery

With other brands and types of shipping or packaging wrap, you have to keep buying rolls. They either don't last long, or some pieces end up as waste because they are not durable enough. Kraft Paper Rolls come in various sizes and will last longer than any other supply you'll find. Kraft offers rolls differing in width, height, and length. From 40lb to 90lb, you'll find sizes suited for whatever project you have. These options allow you to customize your roll, so you get the exact amount of material you want. One roll of Kraft paper could last you longer than continually buying roll after roll of basic wrapping or shipping paper. So, you get the biggest bang for your buck and quality packaging material that will last! Kraft provides one of the most popular packaging materials in the world, and with benefits like these, it's easy to see why people love it. 

Shop Kraft Paper Rolls!

If you need reliable, premium shipping and packaging material that will last longer and save you money, Kraft Paper Rolls are the way to go. With so many sizes to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect width and length roll for your project or preference. Kraft offers the best eco-friendly packaging and shipping material you'll find. It's versatile, can be an excellent asset for businesses, and won't cost an arm and a leg to ship your next package. Home projects are a breeze, and DIY has never been so fun with the right paper to do the job. Whether you have some gift wrapping, invitations to send out, or just want to give the kids a canvas to throw some paint at, Kraft paper is at your service. 

Shop Kraft paper rolls today and get started on your next gift-wrapping, craft, or home project!