There are many different types of tape you can use for your packaging and projects.
The trick is to know the right one to use.
It can be quite confusing with so many different options and so many similar options.
Here is a quick breakdown on two very common but very different tapes.
Both PPC and PVC are pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, they differ in the materials they are made of.
PP stands for Polypropylene
PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride PP-Polypropylene is a chemical compound of “thermoplastic polymer” (“Plastic” in English) and is used for many plastic products and packaging.
This is the actual material of the tape not to be confused with the sticky adhesive.
The adhesive is usually an acrylic substance.which comes from thermoplastic resins.
This is what most acrylic tapes are made of, and one of the most popular packaging tapes.
It does the job well and is very affordable.PVC-Polyvinyl chloride is the polymerization product of vinyl chloride. It is a very flexible and diverse form of plastic and very strong because of its elastic properties.
It’s great for heavier loads.
The sticky adhesive for this form of tape is usually a solvent or natural rubber.
Between the material and adhesion for PVC tape it makes for great tape on heavier loads and keeping things closed for longer periods of times plus it reacts to temperature changes better and is very good for storage boxes.