We all know how difficult it can be working out of a home office.
Here are a few tips to get you through the new 9-5.

1. Get dressed

I know this may seem trivial or silly but studies have shown that in many instances what you wear can affect your productivity. So don’t forget to get dressed in the morning. Now I am not saying you need to be all “business formal” when sitting in your spare bedroom office, but there should be an element of “work clothes”. Each to their own of course as some are more productive in more casual attire, but the idea is to have that morning change and clothes for work as if you were going into the office.

2.  Workspace

We mentioned the spare bedroom office. You might be lucky to have a set up like this, but when you make that move to the house with little warning many can be working out of their living room! No matter if you are on the battlegrounds of your two-year-old and their spaghetti or if you have a closed office, keep the space clean.
Clean work spaces can really affect productivity and especially designating one area for your work. It can even be a corner in a room as long as this is the place you go to get work done.

​3.  Food

“You are what you eat it”, “Food creates the mood”, how many times have you heard something like that?
Well, that’s because it is true. What you eat will affect you.
You might be used to snacking a lot when you are home because generally, it’s at the end of the day or on a day off. In general, downing a bag of thinly sliced fried potatoes might not have any downsides to it (besides the obvious health ones) but now that you are all home all day it is still important to eat properly. For some it might be easier having your kitchen at your disposal, this also gives you an option to constantly eat or be snacking. It can sure be an upgrade from your Tupperware lunch or coffee shop sandwich.
Just make sure you watch what you eat and how often. You might even want to prepare your meal or snacks in advance.

4. Time management

Like any good workday, it’s all in the timing.  Keeping to your meeting & commitments creates a structure. Sticking to a structure and schedule might be much harder now but it is even more important. Sticking to a stricter schedule can give you more motivation to finalize tasks.Small goals can help you conquer longer stretches and don’t forget to take a break and get some air so you can come back refocused!