Did you know people used natural materials like leaves and animal skins for packaging in ancient times? This demonstrates how the idea behind packaging developed in early civilizations because it served many essential purposes.

If you need information on Eco-friendly corrugated boxes and packaging supplies for your new e-commerce venture or warehouse, you’ve come to the right place. Before typing shipping boxes near me or shipping supplies near me and buying shipping items from any random website, continue reading to learn everything there is to know about shipping boxes, including where to get boxes for shipping.

Packaging History: The Beginnings

The idea of packaging emerged from early civilization’s fundamental need to preserve and move their food from one location to another.

Even though we are unaware of the date of the invention of packing materials, historians estimate that objects were formerly transported and stored using materials like gourds, twigs, leaves, animal skins, and nuts around the nomadic gatherer and hunter era.

How Has Packaging Evolved?

Major improvements to the lifestyles of people of ancient times were made possible by the rise in the number of villages. Many of these developments impacted packaging solutions.

Depending on the geographical setting that each town was in, different packaging materials were used to build packaging solutions. Here is how village settlers used different materials to package goods and improve their quality of life.

  • For the storage of dry items and liquids, people started using clay to make a variety of containers for storage purposes
  • Containers and storage devices were shaped and formed using animal hide. These resources and techniques boosted the packaging sector’s development and quality
  • People discovered how to make wooden boxes and crates and used them to hold, preserve, and transport

The industrial revolution brought significant lifestyle changes for the people of that time. It was an era in which machines replaced workers in producing goods. Around this period, several storage solutions emerged, including packaging boxes, bags, food packaging, corrugated boxes, and E-commerce in-store packaging choices.

Since the invention of plastics, there have been several modifications and new inventions in the packaging sector. The introduction of plastic materials has improved how we package products worldwide while advancing the packaging sector. Plastics allowed manufacturers to improve product protection and boost the shelf life of their products.

However, humans soon discovered the detrimental effects of plastic products on the environment, and many companies have since moved on to produce eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Different Types of Packaging Solutions

If you have an online business, the packaging in which you ship your product is like your first impression to the customers. It also has a significant impact on the customer’s overall satisfaction. A consumer may not make another purchase from your company if they get a damaged box from you that was unable to protect the items inside.

Therefore, using the appropriate shipping boxes for your products is crucial to guarantee they are delivered to customers safely. Choosing the best packaging option for your goods can be challenging, given the variety of packaging solutions in the market today. Let’s discuss some of the many packing solutions available to you.

Corrugated Boxes

The simple word for corrugated boxes is cardboard boxes. Since corrugated mailing boxes are used for shipping and storage purposes, most individuals believe they are made only of cardboard. However, corrugated shipping boxes can be classified into wide varieties based on the strength and durability of the box, and they are mostly made of three layers of paper. The three layers of corrugated boxes are made of:

  • Corrugated medium,
  • Interior liner
  • Outer liner

The corrugated medium offers most of the strength and stiffness to the boxes. However, did you know that corrugated boxes come in different strengths? The four most common corrugated boxes are:

  1. Standard strength boxes: Shipping boxes come in various shapes and sizes, including tall boxes, long shipping boxes, clothing boxes, bakery boxes, side loading boxes, insulated shipping boxes, and mirror boxes. If you own or manage a business that sells products such as clothing, mirrors, candles, or paintings, this is the box category to pick from.
  2. Heavy-duty boxes: Heavy-duty shipping boxes are available in various customizable shapes and sizes. Heavy-duty boxes are also available in various sizes, including heavy-duty single wall boxes and double wall boxes. If you own or manage a business that sells fragile home décor items or easily broken products, you can use this type of box.

A heavy shipping box protects your items and provides peace of mind that they will reach clients securely. Furthermore, some delivery drivers handle shipping boxes harshly, which can harm the contents inside. However, when they see heavy-duty boxes, they know they contain fragile items and may handle them more carefully.

  1. Corrugated mailer: Corrugated mailers are available in various sizes and shapes and are excellent for mailing books and other literature-related materials. A literature mailer may be used to ship magazines, books, and other similar items, while one-piece folders are the ideal packaging solutions for frames, prints, and artwork.

You can conveniently make a shipping box by simply popping the sides into place, and the best part is that you don’t need any additional glue or adhesive to keep the package secured. Corrugated mailers have an aesthetic appeal due to their all-white construction, and they are also lightweight, which helps businesses save money on shipping costs.

  1. Retail boxes: Retail boxes can also be customized in various shapes and sizes based on the goods being shipped. Jewelry shipping boxes, reverse tuck boxes, and stationery boxes are examples of retail boxes. These boxes will be great packaging solutions if you operate a business that sells jewelry or stationery.
  2. Chipboard pads and cartons: Chipboard pads and cartons are available in several forms to ensure acceptable shapes and designs for all types of items. They are generally built of durable fiberboard and are ideal for companies that sell paper items, stationery, gift items, jewelry, etc.

If you sell heavy items or items that have to be stored in damp environments, refrain from using chipboard boxes. Chipboard boxes are ideal for lightweight items that require being stored in dry conditions.

  1. Shipping Bag & Poly Bags:Thanks to their multiple benefits, poly plastic shipping bags are commonly used by various businesses to ship out their products. Poly bags help safeguard the merchandise by keeping them dry and allowing company owners to send their products securely. Furthermore, poly bags are lightweight and inexpensive, saving you money on shipping materials and shipping charges.

You may use re-closable poly bags, suffocation warning bags, and bubble bags for properly packaging and transporting your items. Poly bags might be an excellent packing choice if you operate a business that offers hygiene products, medical supplies, or perishable foods.

  1. Mailing tubes: Mailing tubes make excellent packing solutions for businesses that sell long items such as umbrellas, prints, or drawings that cannot fit into standard packaging boxes. Mailing tubes are like long shipping boxes available in various styles, including craft mailing tubes, crimped end mailing tubes, square mailing tubes, triangle mailing tubes, etc.
  2. Mailer: Mailer makes an excellent shipping option if you own a business selling goods to consumers by mail or fragile items like small jewelry. If you are looking for inexpensive packaging solutions, mailers such as a poly mailer or padded envelopes are the ideal option. They also come in various varieties, including Kraft bubble mailer, chipboard flat mailer, and poly mailers.

In addition to helping save cost on packaging materials, mailers also allow you to store and ship products more effectively as you don’t have to worry about packaging boxes taking up space.

Hence, several packaging materials and packaging types are available in the market. You must do your research and choose the best one for your company.

Essential Shipping Supplies Every Business Owner Must Have

Whether you manage a small or large organization, shipping supplies are critical to effectively preparing boxes for shipping to ensure you make the right impression in front of customers. Here are some key packaging supplies to help you in packing boxes like a pro.

  • Packaging Tape: Packaging tape is something all e-commerce businesses must stock up on. Tape is one of the most widely used items when packing a product for shipment; you will need to use paper tape for securing boxes, sticking labels, etc
  • Gloves, knives, and markers: Gloves are essential to ensure your and your employee’s safety. You don’t want to cut yourself while using knives to dismantle boxes or cut through bubble wrap so having a few gloves for protection is essential. While you’re at it, stock up on some essential markers for labeling items
  • Peanuts: In addition to being a great gap filler for all packaging boxes, packing peanuts are excellent for cushioning your contents during delivery. For electronically charged objects, you can invest in anti-static varieties of peanuts to prevent the typical sticking sensation of such products. You can buy peanuts in various sizes, and if you own a large business, you can also buy ceiling-mounted peanut dispensers to make the job easier for your employees
  • Kraft paper rolls: Kraft paper rolls are great for providing extra cushioning and protection for fragile items to ensure you ship boxes containing such items in the safest way possible
  • Packing slips and labels: Packaging slips and labels, such as ”fragile” shipping labels, are critical to ensuring that your product arrives at the desired destination in perfect condition
  • Twine: Polypropylene twine is also an important commodity in your business since you never know when you’ll need some twine to package products and hold them together
  • Strapping and tools: Strapping equipment such as sealers, cutters, tensioners, and buckle closures are necessary to have on hand to guarantee that you have the right tools for packing with any material
  • Weather protection: Always have weather protection items on hand, such as cold packs or cool shield bubble mailers. These items help ensure your product doesn’t go bad due to severe weather conditions. These items are essential for companies that sell products that need to be kept in a room or cold temperature
  • Stretch wrap and Shrink film: Stretch wrap and Shrink film will help you achieve a neat look while packaging products and protect your products from catching dust or getting damaged in the shipping process
  • Packaging protection: Packaging protection like foam rolls, edge protectors, or tissue papers are essential to ensure your package and product can withstand mishandling by courier delivery staff
  • Foam: Foam items like foam corner guards, foam pouches, and foam corners are essential for businesses that sell fragile items like paintings or ceramic products to ensure that the products reach owners safely without breaking
  • Bubble: Bubble bags and rolls are other items you must have on hand to help you securely pack your product and ensure that it receives no damage in a vigorous delivery process

Types of Packaging Methods

As mentioned above, there is an array of packaging solutions out there. The different packaging materials make it challenging for businesses to decide what packaging method to use. Here are a few types of packaging methods you can consider for your business:

  • Shrink-wrapping: Shrink wrapping is a packaging method used by various businesses to deliver their products effectively. Shrink-wrapping makes for a cost-effective packaging solution. Shrink wrapping offers your product protection from any cuts and dust. It also allows employees and customers to identify the product easily
  • Cardboard box: Cardboard box is also one of the most commonly used packaging boxes as they come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, cardboard boxes offer an attractive look to the package and necessary protection for the product. However, we recommend you go for something sturdier than a cardboard box if you are shipping out fragile products
  • Poly bags: If you are short on space and sell products that are small in size, you should consider using poly bags in your packaging methods. For example, if you sell jewelry, you have to get re-closable poly bags or bubble bags, pack the jewelry in bubble wrap for extra protection, place it inside the polybag, and ship it out to the customers

Benefits of Using Quality Packaging Materials for Your Business

Some business owners overlook the significance of using high-quality product packaging. This can cost businesses to lose customers and receive poor reviews from customers who may have received damaged products. Here are a few benefits of using quality packaging material to convince you of the importance of investing in quality packaging solutions:

  • Create a positive brand image: High-quality packaging will help you create a positive first impression and create a positive brand image in front of the customers
  • Eco-friendly packaging: Using packaging materials with low carbon footprints and packages that customers can recycle or reuse might influence the consumers to choose your product rather than any other alternatives on the market.

Nowadays, more and more customers are getting conscious of the damage they may cause to the environment if they use non-eco-friendly products. Hence, by having an eco-friendly stance, your business will create a positive image in the market and attract more customers

  • Customer retention: If a customer who orders from you the first time receives a well-packaged product that shows that you have put effort into the packaging process, they are more likely to order from you again. Hence, the packaging of your product may seem like a small thing, but these little details matter a lot to customers and can make or break your business
  • Save cost on damages: Quality packaging helps keep your product safe from any damages. If your product gets damaged or broken in the storage or shipment process, you may suffer huge losses and have to replace it free of cost. By investing in quality packaging boxes, you can save your business from any significant losses on damaged products.
  • Boost positive customer experience: Most customers look forward to receiving their products, and the process of unpacking is the most exciting part for them. Customers’ overall experience with your company becomes positive when they receive a well-packaged product. Quality packaging will help you keep customers happy.
  • Boost customer trust: Customers may be hesitant to order fragile items from businesses due to them getting damaged in the delivery process. When a customer receives a product that is packed with quality packaging materials, they can trust you more and order products that they would not otherwise order online.
  • Serve as a form of marketing: Using attractive packaging will set your brand apart from competitors. Think about the message your product’s packaging sends to consumers and potential customers. Attractive and quality packaging can show potential customers how you aim to provide quality goods to them, and it may help you attract more customers


Through this article, we hope to educate readers on packaging history and offer helpful insight into the different packaging materials you can use to ship your products. Also, don’t forget to stock up on the packaging supplies mentioned above, as it will help you and your employees make the packaging process quick and easy.

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