It may be overwhelming and challenging to run a professional moving business. It is your duty as a moving company to securely pack and move delicate items like kitchenware, home decor, and furniture. So, how can you simplify this task for your moving team while ensuring they do their job effectively?

One of the best ways to achieve this is by giving them all the necessary moving supplies. To assist you in making sure that your professional moving company continues to function effectively, we have put up a list of necessary packaging supplies below.

List of Essential Moving Supplies for Professional Movers


The first and most important thing you must have is various moving boxes. We recommend purchasing a multitude of packing boxes in various types and sizes. This helps ensure that you have a shipping box on hand to transport any type and size of the item. For example, you can buy lamp boxes and mirror boxes designed to transport these fragile items. If you operate a moving company, you can never have too many corrugated boxes, so stocking up on as many packing boxes as possible is wise.

Furthermore, remember to get heavy-duty boxes because regular shipping boxes cannot be used to transport large items. It is better to spend a few more bucks on heavy-duty shipping boxes than risk damaging any items during the shipping process. Here is a list of a few different types of moving boxes that you must have on hand if you own a moving company:

  • File boxes: Use these boxes to package the client’s essential documentation to ensure it does not fold, fade or face any other damages during the moving process
  • Dish boxes: These boxes are specifically made to carry ceramic or glass dishes and protect them from any damage
  • Moving Wardrobe boxes: These boxes have hanging bars, making it easy for the moving staff to hang items in the boxes and move them. Moreover, the hanging bars protect clothing from creasing and facing any other damage
  • Standard strength boxes: Use standard strength boxes to carry items that are not prone to break easily, e.g., bedding, cushions, toys
  • Large shipping boxes: These boxes are made to carry large and heavy items; hence they are made to withstand heavy objects and provide the necessary protection
  • Tall boxes: Long shopping boxes are another necessary item required to carry long items like rugs, lamps, or curtain rods

Bubble rolls

Any relocation requires the use of cushioning material. This is where bubble wraps come in. With the help of bubble wrap, you can add an extra protective layer to items to ensure they don’t suffer any tears or catch dirt during the moving process.

Bubble wrap can also wrap fragile dishes and kitchen wear before placing them into moving boxes. This provides an extra layer of protection and cushioning to ensure the kitchen wear, such as glass bowls or dishes, stays stabilized during the moving process.

Gloves and Knives

Gloves and knives are other essential items that all your moving staff must have on hand. Gloves will help your moving staff protect their hands from getting hurt during the packaging and delivery process.

Moreover, delivery staff touches various dirty items during the moving process, and replacing gloves a few times during the process will help them ensure that they don’t transfer any dirt on the client’s furniture or clothing.

After moving the items from one place, your staff will need knives to cut stretch wrap, corrugated cardboard, or paper tape to unpack the items. Moreover, having proper knives will also help ensure your staff’s safety.


Peanuts are another item that can be used to form a protective barrier within the boxes. For example, you can use peanuts as a void fill to support any contents within the cardboard boxes, ensuring the item is not damaged throughout the shipping process.

Peanuts can also be used with other protective products like bubble wrap to guarantee that extra fragile things are delivered safely.

Packaging Tape

Packaging tape is essential for moving companies since it is used to seal shipping boxes and hold things intact. Stock up on packaging tape because you may need numerous rolls to complete one shipping job. Use good quality packaging tape since you don’t want a cardboard box to open and all the contents inside to be harmed because you used low-quality packaging tape.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper rolls are available in various sizes and are created entirely from recyclable materials. They are excellent for shipping-related packaging and cushioning. Kraft paper is great for jobs where you may have to ship items from one country to another as they help add an additional layer of protection to avoid dents or scratches during transportation.

Additionally, it may be used as void fill in transportation, giving the items that extra measure of stability and safety.

Newspaper sheets

Newsprint sheets are an essential item for all moving jobs. They can be utilized as void fill and in combination with Kraft paper and bubble wrap to add an extra layer of protection to every item that goes inside cardboard boxes.

Newsprint sheets are a cost-effective method of safeguarding items throughout the moving process since you can buy them in bulk at a very economical price.

Markers and Labels

Labels and markers are essential for making moving and unpacking easier and more efficient. You can purchase ‘fragile label’ and place them on cardboard boxes containing fragile products. Additionally, markers can be used to label boxes. This allows employees to distinguish between boxes and determine what is within them without having to open each one.

These minor things may significantly improve the efficiency and speed of the shifting operation. Therefore, we recommend storing them in large quantities since you will be surprised at how quickly they run out.


Foam is essential to have on hand since it will help you protect and transport costly items like frames and paintings. Here are a few different kinds of foams to stock up on:

  • Cohesive foam rolls:Cohesive foam makes the packaging process easier as you won’t require any glue or tape to make it stick together. This form of foam attaches to itself but not the object you are packaging. After placing the item on the foam, fold and squeeze the edges for a perfect fit
  • Foam pouches:Foam pouches are an effective solution to shield items like dishes from vibration, stress, and damage. You can purchase them in custom sizes to fit the items you wish to package and move. They even come with self-seal options, which makes the packing process convenient for your moving staff
  • Foam corners:Foam corners are an excellent way to stabilize cardboard boxes while protecting them from shock and impact vibration during transportation. If you are performing a moving task where the products must travel for more than a few hours to reach their destination, we recommend utilizing foam corners while packing the boxes for shipping
  • Foam corner guards:The corners of painting signs or picture frames can easily become damaged during the moving process. You can use foam corner guards to protect the corners of such items from getting chipped or damaged
  • Air foam sheets:Layering between fragile items is essential to ensure no scratches or damage caused due to friction. You can use precut air foam sheets to get the job done quickly
  • Soft foam:Soft foam works well to protect delicate items from getting damaged. By placing soft foam in between items like frames or kitchenware, you can assure that there won’t be any breakage or other forms of damage during shipping

Mattress Bags

Customers may express concern about how their mattresses are being moved since they sleep on the mattresses and do not want the mattresses to become dirty or cause allergies after relocating. You can use mattress bags to pack mattresses effectively to avoid dust and stains during relocation.

Bubble bags

Most clients bring their basics, such as jewelry, when they relocate. However, if a client requests that you also move their valuable jewelry, you must be prepared to pack it efficiently. You may use bubble bags to pack a range of small and fragile items, such as jewelry, to avoid damage or loss during the moving process.

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