Poly mailers are an extremely lucrative source for efficient packaging. It’s like your products getting in the perfect Uber, saving you money and time in so many ways.​Here’s a few reasons you might want to use a poly mailer

1. ​Shipping costs.

​As we discussed in our post about shipping boxes, most postal delivery service or ground carries charge by weights and dimensions. That being said a poly mailer and all mailers for that matter (unless they are corrugated) ship flat, meaning until you pack your product in, it’s about 3 or 4 millimeter in height. So that’s already a huge save there as far as dimensions, but the main saving will be on the weight of a mailer compared to a box.

2. ​Aesthetics.

​When a consumer first receives & opens your package, it’s essentially like them walking into your store for the first time. This is your chance to make an impression and unless you’re going to customize and brand your boxes for a better user experience, poly mailer come off a lot more pleasing when unwrapping. Poly mailers have a much sleeker and cleaner look over any basic box. Think about it, it’s not bulky and covered in tape it’s a simple and clean opening experience for your consumer, ‘nuff said.

3. ​Packing time.

Time is money, so let’s save some.
Poly bags don’t need tape! That’s right you heard it here first, most poly bags are self-sealing they have an adhesive strip that seals once you apply pressure and you don’t need to bother applying tape!
They come ready to pack and don’t need to be folded and assembled, just slip your package or item right in and send.
Another great way to save time on sending fragile items is by using poly bubble mailers. They are a poly mailer or Kraft mailers that are pre-lined with bubble protection. They save you a lot of packaging time without needing to wrap each item in bubble just slip it in and send.
Your time is valuable save it when you can.

4. ​Storage space.

​Boxes and mailers both store flat, but 25 flat boxes averages about 7.5 inches and you can store about 76 mailers in that same size.
Think about it like this, when it comes to storing pallets of supplies, your smallest box of 4x4x4 will be 5,000 boxes per pallet but your smallest mailer of 6×9 can be 80,000 per pallet!
If you don’t have a warehouse for storing supplies, mailers can be a real space saver.

5. ​Sustainability.

​In general poly mailers are pretty durable and the higher mil per bag the stronger the durability. You’re pretty safe to go with sending anything and not worrying about it ripping the bag unless  its a sharp or jagged item. In that case you would either want a really strong bag or wrap the item in foam or bubble.
Another plus, the poly materials ensure you package stays dry on the inside as opposed to corrugated materials which absorb moisture poly mailers protect against it. Many people will even send boxes covered in large poly mailers just for weather protection.

6. ​Custom Printing.

​Another great way to give your consumer a great face value experience with your brand, printed mailers.
Whether you’re simply printing your logo on the bag or want a full blown design a poly mailer is always going to run cheaper than any box. Firstly because of the price per unit but mainly because the printing plate fees on mailers run significantly lower than on a box.