Whether you’re packing gifts, working in fulfillment or sending your new product to a loyal customer, packaging protection helps you get your items there safe and in one piece.
 Let’s breakdown your options and see what will work best for your packaging needs.
Firstly there are generally two categories of packaging protection in the shipping industry, those that need a machine and those that don’t. We are going to focus on the latter.

1.Bubble – The Popular guy


Bubble rolls are probably the most popular in packaging protection, extremely durable and incredibly fun to pop.
Here are some advantages of bubble wrapping.

  • They can wrap around your product and cover every inch, nook and cranny.  
  • You can layer them and just keep wrapping around until you get a really thick layer of protection.​
  • They come in different bag sizes to conveniently fit your items so you don’t need to spend time wrapping and taping.

Note: If your trying to be environmentally conscious they cannot be recycled.
Be aware that bubble comes in different heights and thickness which is measured by cell sizing usually for a heavier more industrial item you will go with a bigger cell size to create a bigger buffer.

2. Peanuts – The Sidekick


Packing Peanuts are your second to Bubble in popularity.

  • They are incredibly convenient and save your a lot of wrapping time. You just need to fill your box with them and place the item in, and you can order them ready to go in a box 3 cubic feet which is about a 3rd of the industry sized bags.
  • They are a void fill.
  • There are anti-static options.
  • They are extremely light, so they don’t add much to your shipping weight.

Note: There are biodegradable options made from cornstarch instead of styrofoam!
They also take up a lot of space. For industry sized bags it’s a good idea to get a dispenser so your packing center or warehouse does not get flooded with them.  

3. Kraft paper  Mr Green


Kraft paper is a very popular wrapping item that’s great for glass, text books or framing.

  • It makes a great addition to a beautiful product and can bring your appearances up in custom packaging as well (it’s kinda trendy right now)
  • It comes from 100% recycled material and can be recycled again.
  • When wrapping your items, the kraft paper will provide an extra layer of protection to prevent against scratches so it’s great for glass or delicate items.
  • It can also be used as a void fill for shipping just crumple it up or get a dispenser that automatically crumples it.
  • It looks really trendy around gifts

Note: It can also be used for household activities or placed on a floor when doing a paint projects as to not get surfaces dirty.

4. Foam rolls – The tough guy


Foam comes in many forms, large rolls or singles sheets are just a few.There is no better way to safeguard your furniture than with foam products.

  • Foam provides superior corner, edge, surface and abrasion protection and like bubble it can cover all surfaces.
  • ​It can be used specifically as a surface protector because it is softer and won’t leave any scratches.
  • It’s good for furniture, paintings, industrial materials, stainless steel metals, or any finished metals because of its softness it won’t leave any scratches.

Note: It can be ordered with an  anti-static elements so it’s great for protecting electronics and display screens.

5. Newsprint – The Traditionalist


This is straightforward, it is what its called, newsprint.

  • Made from recycled materials
  • An easy machine free void fill
  • Ideal for protecting dishes glasses and any small fragile items

6. Tissue Paper – It’s all about appearances 


Don’t try and wipe your nose with this. Tissue differs from its newsprint cousin in a few ways. Mainly because it is thinner, cleaner and less grainy.

  • Made from recycled materials
  • ​An easy machine free void fill
  • Ideal for protecting dishes glasses and any small fragile items
  • Perfect for gift wrapping and even better for enhancing aesthetics on  rapping clothing or or specialty items.
  • Great as a decorative void fill

Note: Available in custom print to boost your branding.

7. Corrugated rolls – Corrugated nation


Corrugated rolls are made from smooth fiberboard on one side with raised corrugated flutes on the other side.

  • Bendable and flexible making it ideal for protecting odd shaped items
  • Ideal for wrapping bottles, glass, and other fragile or oddly shaped items.
  • Great to cover furniture, cabinets, metal frames, etc.
  • Shock absorbing

Note: It can easily be cut to any size.

8. Corrugated sheets – The simple one


These guys are pretty simple. Corrugated sheets can be used for placement between layers of product or even as stiffeners for envelopes. The larger sizes are most commonly used as a layering pad on pallets to disperse weight.

  • Pads help keep tops of products dust free during storage.
  • Helps prevent strapping and forklift damage.

Note: Custom Sizes Available For Any Box Size.

9. Shredded paper & Wood excelsior –  The odd ones out 


These aren’t used as much in industrial packaging but more for retail is has other names like wood wool.

  • They make great void fill
  • Usually recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Looks great for appearances

Note: They can make a big easily.

We hope you found this information useful. Feel free click on the products below and keep scrolling for more tips! 


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