New beginnings, fresh spaces, and… a mountain of cardboard boxes. If you’re scratching your head, wondering what to do with all those boxes, you’re not alone. Let’s dive into the world of cardboard recycling and discover the magic behind turning old boxes into new treasures.

Different Types of Cardboard

It’s not just about the brown boxes that your online shopping arrives in. Cardboard is diverse and versatile, and each type has its own story to tell. Let’s embark on this cardboard journey and get to know our boxy companions a bit better.

Cardboard Packaging 

This is the everyday hero of the cardboard world. You’ll find them as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and even the packaging for your latest tech gadget. They’re general-purpose boxes that come in various shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for cardboard packaging, The Boxery has a vast collection.

Thin Cardboard Boxes 

Imagine you’re moving, and you need to pack your collection of vintage DVDs or those hardcover books you love. Enter the thin cardboard boxes. They’re lightweight, flexible, and perfect for items that need a snug fit.

Large Cardboard Boxes 

Ever tried moving a lamp or a big kitchen appliance? You’ll need one of these large cardboard boxes. They’re spacious and sturdy, ensuring your bulky items are safe and sound.

Corrugated Cardboard Box 

This is the unsung hero of the cardboard family. With its distinctive wavy inner layer, it offers an extra layer of protection. Whether you’re shipping fragile items or storing them, the corrugated cardboard box is your go-to.

Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard 

Imagine a bodyguard but for your precious items. This cardboard type has not one, but two corrugated layers, making it super strong. If you’re shipping something precious or heavy, consider buying the double-wall corrugated cardboard.

Flat Cardboard Box 

For those items that are wide but not very tall, the flat cardboard box is a dream come true. Think of board games, framed pictures, or even a pizza! Sleek, slim, and efficient.

Knowing your cardboard is the first step to efficient recycling. Each type has its purpose, strengths, and ideal uses. So, the next time you’re packing, shipping, or storing, remember to choose the right cardboard for the job. It makes all the difference!

The Recycling Process of Cardboard Boxes 

Ever wondered how your old cardboard boxes get a new lease on life? Let’s break it down:

  • Collection: Gather all those boxes you’ve been tripping over.


  • Sorting: Separate by type. The list above will come in handy.


  • Pulping: The boxes are mixed with water and turned into a slushy pulp.


  • Filtering and De-inking: Any impurities or inks are removed.


  • Finishing: The clean pulp is flattened, dried, and rolled into sheets.


  • Reproduction: These sheets are then turned into brand-new cardboard products.

End Products of Recycled Cardboard 

So, where do these recycled boxes end up?

  • Cardboard shipping boxes: Your old boxes might just be on their way to someone else’s doorstep. Need some for your next shipment? 


  • Paper products: From newspapers to notepads, cardboard gets a new life in many forms.


  • Garden mulch: Believe it or not, shredded cardboard can be a gardener’s best friend.


  • Insulation materials: Keeping homes cozy, in an eco-friendly way.

Tips for Preparing Cardboard for Recycling 

A little prep goes a long way:

  • Remove any non-cardboard materials (tape, labels).
  • Flatten those boxes. Trust me; your recycling center will thank you.
  • Keep ’em dry. Wet cardboard is a recycling no-no.

Benefits of Recycling Cardboard Boxes 

Beyond the feel-good factor, recycling has some tangible perks:

  • Environmental Impact: Less waste, more trees, and a happier planet.



  • Social Impact: More recycling = more jobs. Win-win!

Where to Drop Off Those Cardboard Companions

Hey, before you toss those boxes into the abyss of your garage, consider this: local recycling centers would love to have them. But, if you’re thinking of passing them on or maybe grabbing a few more, give The Boxery a whirl. It’s like a matchmaking service, but for boxes and people who need them. Pretty cool, right?

Wrap-Up Thoughts

You know, recycling isn’t just about saving the planet (though that’s a biggie!). It’s about giving those cardboard buddies another shot at life. So, when you’re knee-deep in a cardboard jungle after your latest shopping spree, just think: those boxes are itching for another round of fun.

A Little About The Boxery

Ever wished for a cardboard wonderland? Well, The Boxery is pretty much it. Whether you’re on a mission to buy, sell, or recycle, they’re your go-to cardboard gurus. With a treasure trove of options and a heart set on green practices, they’re paving the path for sustainable box love. Cheers to them!