When it comes to package sustainability, many organizations focus on the final packaging supplies that are used to ship items to clients. However, we tend to overlook the shipping boxes in which the raw material for the product is sent, as well as the packages used to move unfinished goods from one site to another.

Packaging is used throughout the supply chain, and for a company to go green, it must recognize that packaging sustainability begins with the supply chain. So, if you, as a business, genuinely want to decrease packaging waste and transition to more sustainable packaging, here’s how you can do it.

Determine How You Are Presently Using Packaging

So, how can you ensure that the sustainability of your packaging begins with your supply chain? The easiest method is to determine how much packaging you presently use. This covers any packaging supplies you use from when raw materials arrive at your factory until the completed product is wrapped and shipped to customers. You have to determine the volume of packaging supplies you use.

This will assist you in determining what you need to do to guarantee that your products are packaged sustainably across the supply chain. If you are using corrugated boxes to supply raw materials to the factory, consider where these boxes are going and figure out a way to reuse them, so you don’t have to buy more.

Moreover, the primary goal behind sustainability is to ensure you cause the least harm to the environment and the surrounding community. So, ask yourself if any of your shipping supplies are made with wood and figure out a way to replace those packaging supplies with eco-friendly options such as cardboard boxes, poly mailers, poly bags, or mailing tubes. If you think that any of your packagings is causing damage to the environment, your goal should be to replace it with eco-friendly options.

Work With Supply Chain Partners with Similar Goals

You can begin to explore eco-friendly replacements once you are aware of how your company uses packaging. Furthermore, if you have any supply chain partners that do not support the eco-friendly initiative, it may be time to separate yourself from them.

Researching supply chain partners and identifying those who may support your sustainable supply chain goals is necessary for this situation.

For example, you can switch to a packaging supply store that sells eco-friendly packing boxes and other packaging supplies such as stretch wrap, packaging tape, corrugated cardboard, etc.

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