The question, “Does UPS deliver to PO Boxes?” is one that many people have asked at one time or another. If you’re also wondering, let’s settle this once and for all:

UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on why UPS doesn’t deliver to PO Boxes and what options you have if USPS is your sole mail carrier. Besides, we’ll take a detour to discuss various shipping materials and where you can procure them.


UPS and PO Boxes: A No-Go

The United Parcel Service (UPS) has a policy against delivering packages to PO Boxes. The company’s policy explicitly states that they do not handle packages addressed to PO Boxes. This is because the USPS is the only shipping carrier in the United States authorized to access all residential addresses and PO Boxes.

If you plan to use UPS, avoid using your PO Box as your return address when buying UPS labels. UPS could return your package for various reasons, and if your return address is a PO Box, that could lead to problems. UPS may try to reach you via the provided phone number and ask for an alternative address. However, this comes with a package rerouting surcharge, increasing your original postage cost.


The Reason Why UPS Does Not Deliver to PO Boxes

One might wonder, “Why doesn’t UPS deliver to PO Boxes?” The reason for this is rooted in a mandate that gives USPS exclusive rights to access residential addresses and PO Boxes. UPS, FedEx, and other private carriers are not authorized to deliver packages to PO Boxes.


Alternatives to UPS for PO Box Delivery

If UPS doesn’t deliver to PO Boxes, what options do you have? The answer is rather limiting. USPS is the only carrier that delivers packages and mail to PO Boxes. FedEx, regional carriers, and other private carriers are unable to deliver to these points.


Dealing with USPS-Only Areas

What if USPS is the only service that delivers to your PO Box, and they don’t service your physical address? Unfortunately, UPS still won’t deliver to your PO Box. USPS’s policies for handling these scenarios do not apply to other carriers. For those living in semi-remote or remote areas where USPS does not deliver home packages, UPS and FedEx will always deliver packages to your doorstep.

When it comes to shipping, UPS is a globally recognized brand, known for its reliability and efficiency. But a question that often arises among customers is, “does UPS ship to PO boxes?” Let’s dive into this topic and understand the specifics while also exploring the various packing solutions you might need.


UPS Shipping to PO Boxes: The Answer

The short answer is, UPS does not deliver directly to PO (Post Office) boxes. UPS, being a courier service, requires a physical address for deliveries. However, there’s a workaround. UPS can ship to a physical address associated with the PO Box at the post office.


Essential Packing Materials for Shipping

While we’ve answered the main question, it’s important to note that successful shipping also involves using the right packing materials. Here’s where The Boxery comes into play, providing a variety of shipping supplies.

Protective Envelopes and Mailers

Whether you’re shipping documents or small items, bubble wrap envelopes in bulk can be your go-to solution. For smaller packages, consider the mini bubble mailer, and if you’re eco-conscious, there’s the eco bubble mailer, an environment-friendly alternative.

Choosing the Right Boxes

Confused between 32 ECT vs 200#? ECT refers to Edge Crush Test, and 200# means the box can withstand 200 pounds of pressure. Depending on the nature and weight of your items, you can choose appropriately.

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Add-Ons and Extras

The Boxery also provides packing tape in bulk, including the popular LUX® packing tape. For gift items, consider 100 gift boxes.

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While UPS might not directly deliver to PO boxes, you can still manage your shipping effectively with the right knowledge and resources. From choosing the right packaging boxes to the correct packing materials, The Boxery has you covered. Happy shipping!