Shipping can be a complex and daunting process, especially if you’re not familiar with the many different packaging materials and supplies available. From rolls of brown paper and polyethylene mailing bags to a wide variety of box sizes, it’s essential to choose the right products to ensure your items arrive safely. This comprehensive guide will go over everything you need to know about where to buy and how to use these supplies.


Selecting the Right Boxes

When it comes to selecting a box, there are several factors you should consider. The first is the size of the box. It should be large enough to accommodate your item, but not so large that the item has room to move around. For example, 10x10x2 flat mail boxes are perfect for shipping thin, flat items.

If you need to ship larger items, you might consider 24 x 18 x 18 boxes or even mirror boxes for delicate and fragile items.


Where to Buy Boxes

If you’re wondering where to find these boxes, there are several corrugated box suppliers available. These suppliers offer a wide range of box sizes and styles to meet your needs.


Preparing Your Box for Shipment

Once you’ve selected the right box, it’s time to prepare it for shipment.


Packing Materials

To ensure your items arrive safely, it’s crucial to use the appropriate packing materials. For fragile items, consider using convoluted foam packaging to provide additional protection.


Sealing the Box

When it comes to sealing your box, using high-quality tape is essential. Consider investing in e tape for a secure seal.


Mailing Bags and Envelopes

For smaller items, polyethylene mailing bags or small bubble mailer sizes are ideal. They provide protection and are lightweight, which can help save on shipping costs.


Specialty Shipping Supplies

Besides the basic boxes and mailing bags, there are also specialty shipping supplies for specific items. For instance, dress boxes for shipping are designed to keep clothing items free from wrinkles and damage during transit. Similarly, long poly mailers are great for shipping long, narrow items.



With a better understanding of the different types of shipping supplies available, you can now confidently prepare your items for shipment. Remember, choosing the right supplies is crucial to ensure your items arrive safely and undamaged. Happy shipping!