Shipping products might seem straightforward, but where you place the shipping label on a cardboard box can significantly impact the delivery process. As a supply chain manager specializing in sustainable and cost-effective packaging solutions, I’m here to guide businesses looking for innovative packaging technologies and sustainable practices on this crucial aspect.

Why Proper Shipping Label Placement Matters

Placing the shipping label correctly on a corrugated cardboard box is vital for ensuring accurate delivery. Misplaced labels can lead to delays, misplaced shipments, and additional costs. It’s all about enhancing efficiency and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Types of Cardboard Boxes and Their Labeling Needs

Let’s dive into the various types of cardboard boxes and how to place shipping labels on each:

Corrugated Cardboard Box

Corrugated cardboard boxes are sturdy and perfect for a wide range of products. For optimal visibility, place the shipping label on the largest flat surface. This ensures the label is easily scanned and read during the shipping process.

Small Cardboard Boxes

Small cardboard boxes are great for shipping smaller items. Place the label centrally on the top surface to ensure it’s not overlooked.

Large Cardboard Boxes

For large cardboard boxes, the largest side is the best spot for the shipping label. This placement helps in maintaining balance and preventing the label from getting damaged or obscured.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

These cardboard shipping boxes are versatile and used for a variety of shipping needs. The key is to place the label on a clean, flat surface, avoiding any seams or closures.

Cardboard Box with Handle

When using a cardboard box with handle, avoid covering the handle. Place the label on an adjacent surface to ensure the box remains easy to carry.

Flat Cardboard Box

A flat cardboard box is ideal for shipping documents and slim items. Position the label centrally on the top side to keep it visible and intact.

White Cardboard Boxes

White cardboard boxes offer an aesthetic appeal, often used for premium products. Place the label on the top surface to maintain a clean, professional look.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

For heavy-duty needs, double-walled cardboard boxes provide extra protection. Ensure the label is securely attached to prevent peeling or damage.

Extra Large Cardboard Boxes

Handling oversized shipments? Extra large cardboard boxes need a label on the largest side for maximum visibility and handling ease.

Best Practices for Shipping Label Placement

  1. Visibility is Key: Always place the label on the largest flat surface.
  2. Avoid Seams and Closures: This prevents the label from getting damaged or torn during transit.
  3. Clean Surface: Ensure the surface is free from dust and debris to enhance label adhesion.

Sustainable Practices in Labeling

Sustainability in packaging is crucial for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental impact. Here are some tips:

  • Eco-Friendly Adhesive Labels: Use labels made from recyclable or biodegradable materials.
  • Digital Labeling Solutions: Implement digital labels that can be reused for multiple shipments.
  • Reduce Waste: Use minimal but effective labeling to cut down on waste.

Innovative Packaging Technologies

Innovative technologies can further streamline the labeling and shipping process:

  • Smart Labels: These come with QR codes for easy tracking and inventory management.
  • Reusable Labels: Ideal for return shipments, reducing the need for new labels.
  • Temperature-Sensitive Labels: Essential for shipping perishable goods, these labels can change color based on temperature exposure.

Anecdotes from the Field

In my experience, a small business was struggling with delayed shipments because their labels often got damaged during transit. After switching to placing labels on the largest flat surface of their cardboard boxes and ensuring the surface was clean, their delivery efficiency improved significantly. Not only did this simple change save time, but it also enhanced customer satisfaction.


Correctly placing a shipping label on a cardboard box is more than just a procedural step—it’s an integral part of ensuring smooth, efficient, and sustainable shipping processes. By following best practices and adopting innovative technologies, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency and contribute to environmental sustainability.

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By following these guidelines and choosing the right packaging materials, you can ensure your shipments are always on point, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.