Corrugated boxes are used for various applications, the most common of which is delivering lightweight, semi-fragile items such as canned goods or clothing. However, there has been a recent advancement in the realm of corrugated boxes, and varieties such as mirror boxes have emerged that can help carry fragile items safely.

With so many various designs of corrugated boxes on the market, it can be challenging to decide which ones would make the best shipping boxes for your products. Here is the comprehensive guide on corrugated boxes, which will educate you on the variety of corrugated boxes you can choose from.

The Ultimate Guide to Corrugated Boxes

Here is a detailed breakdown of corrugated boxes that will assist you in selecting the appropriate boxes for shipping according to the items you plan to ship.

Standard Strength Boxes

Many clients underestimate the durability and strength of standard corrugated boxes when searching for shipping supplies. These cardboard boxes may appear fragile, yet they can withstand weights of up to 40 pounds each box. Hence, these boxes are safe to use for standard deliveries. The best part is that these boxes are customizable.

So, you can custom create a design and size depending on the product you wish to ship. If you search shipping boxes near me, you may come across the following common types of a standard corrugated shipping box:

  • Cube corrugated boxes: All sizes of corrugated cube boxes come in equal widths, heights, and lengths and can be used to ship various items


  • Flat shipping boxes: Flat shipping boxes are great for businesses that sell flat items and are low on storage space


  • Long shipping boxes: Finding the appropriate packaging supplies for long items like curtain rods or umbrellas may be challenging. Long shipping boxes can be the solution for efficiently shipping narrow or long items as they are customizable


  • White corrugated boxes: White corrugated boxes are ideal for businesses looking to find unique shipping boxes to set them apart from the competition. These boxes are versatile and have an aesthetically pleasing look that appeals to the customers and enhances the unboxing experience


  • Clothing boxes: Ideal for moving and apparel businesses, clothing boxes can be used to store, move or ship clothing items efficiently


  • Storage file boxes: Ideal for moving companies, storage file boxes are an effortless solution to storing or moving important files and documents without worrying about misplacement or any damage. These boxes come in heavy-duty varieties and come with handle hoes and lids for convenient filing and access


  • Side loading boxes: Side loading boxes come with a full overlap that provides extra protection, and they are an excellent solution for shipping flat and fragile items like paintings, mirrors, or frames


  • Telescoping box sets: Telescoping boxes are ideal for shipping long items and sports equipment such as skis, golf sticks, etc


  • Wardrobe boxes: Moving wardrobe boxes come with hanging rods which are great for moving companies or clothing brands that sell designer items. The hanging rods make shipping clothes hassle-free and protect the clothing from damage or creasing


  • Multi-depth boxes: Multi-depth boxes allow you to customize your box without ordering different sizes. For example, if you need small boxes for shipping, multi-depth boxes come with scored intervals that you can easily cut down to get the desired size


  • Insulated shipping boxes: Insulated shipping boxes come in two parts, a lid and a foam interior box that helps provide fragile items with cushioning and protection. These boxes also come with different labels such as perishable or rush to help indicate to the delivery staff that they contain fragile items that they should handle with care


Heavy-Duty Shipping Boxes

We advise using heavy-duty boxes for larger shipping products, delicate items, or storing and moving heavy and easily breakable objects. Movers use these boxes to relocate heavy and fragile items effectively. These heavy-duty boxes boast a sturdier kraft paper/board exterior or a double-walled corrugated layer. These details help provide the most effective defense against any vibrations or mishandling the shipping box may face in the delivery process.

Depending on the kind of product you’re delivering, you might want to use one of these three distinct types of heavy-duty shipping boxes:

  • Heavy-duty single wall boxes: Heavy-duty shipping boxes are ideal for packing and transporting large and heavy items like furniture. Additional corrugation offers sufficient protection for some items that are particularly prone to damage


  • Heavy-duty double wall boxes: For the best possible protection during transportation, double-walled corrugated boxes offer an additional complete sheet of corrugation. A double wall shipping box is also great for bulky or delicate objects. If you own a moving company, you can use these boxes to effectively store large and heavy items or use them to move client’s belongings safely


  • Gaylord boxes: The strong layer of corrugated cardboard makes Gaylord boxes ideal for large shipments. The boxes can withstand significant wear and tear while protecting the item inside. You can also use these boxes to store inventory. If you want to keep merchandise effectively and shield it from dust, you can also buy lids for them

Corrugated Mailers

There are many different designs, styles, and sizes of corrugated mailers, including literature mailers, one-piece folders, and side-loading mailers. These mailers help simplify the packaging process since they may be secured without needing packaging tape, glue, or other adhesives.

Additionally, an all-white version of the mailers adds aesthetic value. Mailers also make pocket-friendly packaging supplies, and their lightweight build helps you cut shipping costs. Here are a few common varieties of mailers that you can choose from:

  • Literature mailers: Literature mailers are the way to go if you’re on a strict budget and don’t want to spend a fortune on customized cartons. Literature mailers offer excellent shipping boxes for literature items such as magazines and novels, and they come in various sizes, allowing you to select the best size for your literature piece


  • Outside tuck mailers: These mailers come with outside tucks that latch onto the mailer to offer a tight seal. You can also save money on packing tape by using these mailers. The mailer also offers a double-wall shield to help you ensure the item inside is protected from mishandling during the shipping process


  • One-piece book folds: These mailers are ideal for flat shipping items such as documents, books, magazines, artwork, records, etc. The design helps hold the items efficiently and also helps save space


  • Corrugated bakery boxes: Corrugated bakery boxes can be used by bakeries or companies that deliver cakes and pastries. You can customize the package according to the size of the items you are delivering to ensure they don’t smudge in the delivery process.

Moreover, you can also custom print your logo on the bakery boxes to set your packaging apart from the competition. The bakery boxes don’t require tape, which adds to the unboxing experience as nobody likes unpacking boxes secured with tape

  • Side-loading mailers: Shipping and packing are made simple thanks to the side loading design. Seal the mailers shut with their locking tabs to send the product on its way. You don’t have to waste time with packaging tape, which might be difficult to handle.

Retail Boxes

You will also come across many corrugated retail boxes for shipping gifts, jewelry, or stationery products. Here are several retail boxes you may buy depending on the item you want to sell:

  • Apparel boxes: The best packaging for clothing items is apparel boxes. The boxes feature two chipboard carton pieces that provide excellent sealing and complete overlap


  • Gift boxes: Gift boxes are a great packaging solution if you own a company that ships gifts on behalf of people. The boxes can also be used for retail packaging in different industries. Moreover, they also come in a variety of colors which gives you the ability to customize and create a unique box


  • Jewelry boxes: Jewelry boxes are made to store and transport jewelry items such as bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, etc. These containers are made of tough-lined fiberboard. Each box also contains non-tarnishing jeweler’s cotton, allowing customers to use them to keep their jewelry, a feature they will appreciate


  • Reverse tuck boxes: Reverse tuck boxes are great for shipping a range of semi-fragile items. They allow you to conserve space and ship flat things more efficiently


  • Stationery boxes: If you own a business that sells stationery products, you must know how crucial it is to have the proper packaging to facilitate shipping and enhance unboxing. Stationery boxes are an excellent method for flat rate freight and to get the most out of your storage space


Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

Now that you’ve learned about the vast varieties of corrugated boxes for sale, here are a few benefits of using corrugated boxes for shipping that will encourage you to acquire these packaging solutions immediately.

Ultimate Protection

Compared to standard shipping boxes, corrugated boxes are more durable. Packages can go through mishandling during the shipment process. Corrugated boxes are made to withstand severe shipping conditions and serve as a solid protective layer for the products inside.  The size of corrugated cardboard can change depending on its thickness and the type of box you choose.

Corrugated cardboard is also ideal for most weather conditions as it prevents bacteria and moisture from damaging the items inside; this is crucial for food products that may have to resist lengthy transportation processes.


Custom packaging can be expensive and corrugated boxes are the next best alternative to custom packaging as they come in various designs and sizes. The production of corrugated boxes doesn’t involve using expensive tools, and the process is not very labor intensive. Hence, companies sell corrugated boxes at affordable pricing.

Moreover, because they are highly demanded products, companies tend to sell them at affordable pricing to tackle the competition.


Corrugated boxes are eco-friendly and contain recyclable materials. Therefore, by using corrugated boxes, you will produce less waste, which may potentially negatively impact the environment. Customers also like to support businesses that promote sustainability and contribute to environmental preservation.

Hence, by adopting corrugated packaging, you will fulfill your social responsibilities, establish a positive brand image, and attract more consumers.


Corrugated boxes are easily customizable. You may change the boxes’ shape, size, and color to match your preferences. You may also customize your corrugated boxes by custom printing your brand’s logo on them.

Excellent For Branding

As mentioned above, you can personalize the corrugated boxes to establish brand recognition for your business. Personalized packaging appears more professional and is a terrific method to wow your consumers. Personalized packaging also helps create a soft spot for your business in customers’ hearts as it shows how you put effort into improving their unboxing experience.


Any amount of extra weight on the package can significantly increase shipping costs. Therefore, if you want to cut shipping costs, especially for large and heavy products such as furniture or electronics like refrigerators. Corrugated boxes will help you cut shipping costs thanks to their sturdy and lightweight build.

Additionally, using light corrugated boxes enhances the overall experience of receiving and unboxing the package for customers. Sometimes shipping costs may be holding customers back from placing an order. The lightweight corrugated boxes may also enable you to waive or lower shipping charges for customers, which customers will appreciate and be motivated to order from you again.

Provide Flexibility

If you are worried about items getting damaged in the shipping process, corrugated boxes can be constructed in a broad range of sizes. You can customize corrugated boxes with one, two, or even three corrugated walls to provide maximum protection.

Therefore, having corrugated boxes on hand is always a good idea because you can use them to pack various items. You can cut corrugated boxes to the desired size or shape, and you may tape, glue or tape them in any way you choose.

These boxes have countless functionalities. Manufacturers may create distinctive packing boxes that fully encapsulate their items since they can be tailored or cut to any size. Thanks to these features, they are among the market’s most adaptable packaging solutions.


Corrugated boxes are easily stackable compared to other shipping boxes, making them ideal for storage. Furthermore, the cushioning and stacking characteristics of corrugated boxes provide optimal protection to the contents of the package during the transportation process.

If you have a warehouse where you store your items, you can make the most of the space by keeping them in stackable corrugated boxes.


Corrugated boxes are readily accessible because of their high demand. As a result, you won’t have to wait months for bulk quantities to arrive. These boxes are widely accessible in various styles, sizes, and forms, so you should have no trouble obtaining them.

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