Sometimes we tend to overlook how our actions affect the environment. However, with increasing environmental destruction, the entire globe has been pushed to explore environmentally friendly choices.

If you are a business that still uses non-eco-friendly packaging, we have compiled a list of the environmental effects of non-eco-friendly packaging to help you understand how important it is for you to switch to eco-friendly packaging supplies.

Environmental Effects of Non-Eco-Friendly Packaging

Here are some of the environmental effects of non-eco-friendly packaging.

Land and Water Pollution

If we do not properly dispose of non-eco-friendly packing supplies, they frequently wind up on land or in the water. Non-eco-friendly packaging such as poly bags, mailers , or packaging tape made out of plastic may substantially impact marine life, as hundred million marine creatures die each year from consuming poisonous non-eco-friendly packaging.

Furthermore, non-eco-friendly packaging disposed of in landfills takes years to decompose. When it does, it emits toxic chemicals such as ethylene and methane, two potent greenhouse gases which play a factor in the growth rate of carbon footprint emission.

However, ocean contamination is just one of the negative effects of plastic on the ecosystem. According to one research, a considerable amount of plastic from packaging supplies ends up in waterways or soil.

Moreover, according to some studies, the amount of microplastic contamination in soils worldwide is a cause of even greater concern than the amount of microplastic pollution in our seas.

Microplastics found in soil can influence the behavior of soil animals like earthworms and spread illness. Moreover, a large amount of these microplastics can also end up in drinking water, and when consumed, it can lead to medical emergencies and diseases over time.

Therefore, if your business uses non-eco-friendly packaging supplies, your actions directly influence marine life and the overall ecosystem. By switching to eco-friendly packaging, you can fulfill your corporate social responsibility and create a positive brand image in the industry.

Air Pollution

As mentioned above, the packaging supplies that cannot be repurposed mostly end up in landfills. When these packaging supplies, such as packing boxes with traces of plastic, begin to decompose, they release harmful chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide and Ammonia.

Moreover, the packaging supplies in incinerators release harmful toxins such as lead, mercury, hydrogen chloride, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxides, and particulates. These gasses contribute significantly to air pollution and cause deadly diseases such as lung cancer when released into the air.

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