With an increasing awareness of our impact on the world around us, it’s becoming more critical—if not essential—to make eco-friendly choices. This is why, in light of the rapidly deteriorating plastic pollution today, many e-commerce brands are gradually switching to environmentally friendly packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. The Boxery, a packaging supply store, is dedicated to helping businesses succeed in this socially responsible initiative.

Who Are We? We’re Glad You Asked!

Based in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, The Boxery is a brand of choice for forward-thinking businesses committed to making the world a better place by driving sustainable, ethical, thoughtful decisions at every turn. Since all the Boxery’s corrugated boxes are produced locally, the manufacturing and shipping process reduces carbon footprint. Today, we continue to be an industry leader by meeting the evolving needs of an environmentally conscious supply chain community.

Are The Boxery’s Corrugated Boxes Biodegradable?

When waste materials are deposited in a landfill, they do not, at least not immediately, vanish into thin air. Some don’t decompose for years, decades, or even centuries, while others don’t decompose at all. It is reasonable to be concerned about the impact this packaging has on the environment, given the daily use of billions of corrugated shipping boxes worldwide. You may be aware that corrugated boxes can be recycled, but since many still find their way into landfills, are they biodegradable?

The good news is, yes, corrugated fiberboard is a sustainable, biodegradable material that can be used in manufacturing shipping and packaging boxes. You can use a composting machine to break down cartons. Below, we’ll look at what makes corrugated boxes sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, we will learn about the variety of corrugated boxes available at The Boxery.

What Does Biodegradable Mean?

A substance is considered to be biodegradable if it is capable of being decomposed by natural processes that include microbes. Materials decompose quickly and naturally occupy one end of the biodegradability spectrum, whereas one that decomposes extremely slowly or not at all holds the other end. Since corrugated boxes are made from wood pulp, a biodegradable substance, you can expect them to completely decompose in 3 months if left in a moderately humid environment.

That does not imply that it will begin to decompose while stored in the warehouse. Corrugated shipping boxes will not lose their structural integrity even after years of storage in a facility that is maintained at a regulated temperature and kept clean to a reasonable degree. In fact, the corrugated boxes available at The Boxery are among the most eco-friendly options currently on the market.

The Boxery’s Corrugated Collection

The Boxery’s locally produced, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable corrugated boxes are licensed for shipment with National Carriers and have a strength that allows them to bear a range of weights without breaking. Every one of the boxes we put up for sale comes with its unique UPC stamp, which proves the corrugated box’s high level of quality and durability. With over a thousand distinct box sizes available, we have everything you need for commercial or individual purposes.


Whether moving from Madison to Ocean City or shipping an item to a customer residing in a different state, the first thing that comes to mind is the need for a corrugated box. Since it is constructed of such deep layers, the box is sufficiently strong to protect the contents from being damaged. During its voyage, the item will be supported by the concertinas sandwiched between each cardboard layer. Here’s a run-through of different sizes of corrugated boxes available at The Boxery.

In addition to corrugated boxes, our packaging company provides a wide variety of shipping materials, including mailing tubes, poly bagspacking slipsstretch wrap, and so on. Moreover, we have sections devoted to office supplies, moving materials, and cleaning products. Have questions? The “Frequently Asked Questions” page on our website will have the answers to your questions.

Buy from Boxery to Support United Way’s Stuff-A-Bus Initiative

At The Boxery, we not only care about making profits. Apart from manufacturing eco-friendly products, we ensure that our company lives up to its social responsibilities—this is the reason why we joined the Supporters List for United Way’s Stuff-A-Bus Initiative. For those who don’t know, Stuff-A-Bus provides students from the least advantaged families with new school supplies. Want to support this initiative too? Don’t worry; just keep buying from us, and we’ll do it for you.

The Final Cut

Every product has a supply chain—the process it goes through, beginning with the production of packaging materials and continuing with the shipment of goods. And like almost every product on the market, the supply chain has some kind of influence on the environment and may substantially impact the world around us differently. Fortunately, The Boxery has everything you need to ship your products safely and simultaneously protect the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.