Understanding the costs associated with shipping materials such as mailing tubes is paramount for businesses, art enthusiasts, and private individuals who often send packages. 

But how much does it actually cost to ship mailing tubes? In this article, we’re going to explore this question in depth, covering different types of tubes such as shipping tubes, square mailing tubes, and art tubes for shipping.

What are Mailing Tubes?

Mailing tubes are a type of packaging material designed to protect cylindrical, long, and narrow objects during shipping. These objects could include anything from posters, blueprints, fishing rods, or even delicate items such as artwork.

Types of Mailing Tubes and Their Costs

There are various types of mailing tubes available in the market. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Shipping Tubes

These triangle-shaped shipping tubes are commonly used to ship various objects due to their durability and stability. The cost of shipping such tubes depends on the size of the tube, weight, and destination. On average, you can expect to pay between $5-$25 for shipping tubes domestically, depending on these variables.

  1. Square Mailing Tubes

Square mailing tubes offer an alternative to the more traditional cylindrical mailing tubes. These are popular for their easy-stack feature and the added protection they offer. The shipping cost for these tubes is roughly the same as their cylindrical counterparts, varying based on weight, size, and destination.

  1. Art Tubes for Shipping

Special art tubes for shipping are a fantastic choice for sending artwork, canvases, or posters. They are typically built with reinforced cardboard or plastic to ensure optimal protection. The cost of shipping these tubes is generally higher due to their specialty nature. You might find yourself spending anywhere from $10-$50 on these, depending on the dimensions, weight, and destination.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Shipping Mailing Tubes

The process of shipping mailing tubes can incur a variety of costs, which are influenced by a wide range of factors. Understanding these factors is crucial to anticipate the expenses you might face and to make informed choices when shipping your items. Here are the key determinants:

Size and weight 

One of the most significant cost influencers is the size and weight of the mailing tubes. The reason for this is twofold: larger and heavier tubes require more material to construct, making them more expensive initially. 

They also take up more space and resources during transport, thereby increasing the handling and transportation charges. Thus, larger and heavier tubes cost more to ship. If you are sending lightweight items, it’s advisable to use smaller tubes to save on shipping costs.


Where the tube is being shipped to also plays a vital role in the overall cost. Shipping domestically—within the same country or region—is generally cheaper than international shipping. 

The latter involves more logistics, increased travel distances, and potential customs duties or taxes, all of which contribute to higher costs. Therefore, when shipping internationally, be prepared for a heftier bill.

Type of tube

As noted earlier, there are various types of mailing tubes available, each with different construction and protection levels. Specialized tubes such as art tubes are designed with additional protective features to ensure the safe transit of delicate items. 

These tubes, while providing superior protection, come with a higher price tag both in terms of purchase cost and shipping cost.

Shipping carrier

Different carriers offer different pricing structures, which also affect the overall cost. Some carriers might offer more competitive rates for heavier packages or longer distances, while others might provide discounts for bulk shipments or loyal customers. 

It’s recommended to research different carriers, their rates, and their service reviews before deciding on one to ship your tubes.

By considering these factors, you can make cost-effective choices when shipping mailing tubes. The key is to balance your needs—whether that’s robust protection, fast delivery, or cost-effectiveness—with the options available to you.



To sum up, the cost to ship mailing tubes can vary greatly based on the type of tube, its size, weight, and shipping destination. Understanding these costs is critical for businesses and individuals alike to ensure they budget appropriately and select the right packaging materials for their shipping needs.

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