Delivery drones are a relatively new technology ecommerce businesses use to ensure quick product delivery. They can certainly change the future of shipping goods in a constantly evolving landscape. Today, many ecommerce giants, including Amazon, Walmart, and FedEx, use drones to deliver packages to their clients.

Here’s everything you need to know about how drones could change ecommerce shipping!

What Are Delivery Drones?

Delivery drones are unmanned flying vehicles used to deliver packages over long distances. Amazon first used drones for delivery in 2013. It carries the potential to transform the ecommerce delivery mechanism.

How Does Drone Delivery Work?

Drone delivery doesn’t require much effort from the customer’s end. All they have to do is choose the product they wish to order, choose a delivery window, and track the package in real time to stay updated. On the flip side, the drone-using ecommerce business will have to operate the drones and ensure a quick delivery.

Drones Can Change Last-Mile Delivery Forever

Drones carry the potential to truly revolutionize the ecommerce delivery industry, precisely the last mile of delivery. Often, retailers cannot promise same-day delivery to their clients because of traffic and distance logistics. However, delivery drones can bypass these problems as they travel in the air at up to 100mph, completing deliveries faster than a person could. Drones also don’t have to navigate traffic and tolls.

With drones, you can offer same-day delivery in most locations. When using drones, you also omit human errors, such as risky driving and forgetting to deliver a package. Moreover, drones can modernize the shipping process by lowering overall costs, increasing efficiency, and offering a seamless supply chain and delivery process.

You can use them to deliver packages and collect data. You can essentially pick up and drop off packages at any location without going through the hassle of warehouse returns. Furthermore, drones are eco-friendly and significantly more efficient, quicker, and safer when compared to cargo ships, trains, airplanes, and trucks.

You can use GPS-based flight technology to pinpoint delivery locations when using delivery drones accurately. Lastly, drones can also fly at the altitude you want to ensure precise drop-offs. That said, if you’re thinking of using drones to deliver your packages, always ensure you use high-quality packaging materials to protect your products from weather-related elements and possible in-transit damage.

The Bottom Line

Drone technology holds the immense potential to change how ecommerce businesses operate their delivery systems, especially companies that value eco-friendly practices. Delivery drones are not just eco-friendly but can also help online businesses streamline their processes and look into delivering their products themselves, saving on shipping costs.

If you’re thinking of investing in drone technology because of its eco-friendly nature, you can take another initiative and use high-quality eco-friendly packaging for your products. The Boxery provides its customers with various eco-friendly shipping products. Explore our eco-friendly line here!