Whether you want to ship something small and fragile, or a large, heavyweight item, you need to find the right size shipping box. Shipping boxes are available in multiple sizes, strengths, and types; thus, finding the perfect one for your needs can be challenging.

If you are moving or own a business that deals with large, fragile, and heavy items, your best option is large heavy-duty cardboard boxes. A heavy cardboard box can handle more weight than standard cardboard boxes and ensure your items are safely delivered to their location.

This article will discuss the benefits of a large-size cardboard box, what it can be used for, and the answer to the question, “where can I get large boxes for shipping.” Let’s get started!

What Are Large Heavy-Duty Shipping Boxes?

Before we dive into the uses of large shipping box sizes, we first need to understand the difference between standard and heavy-duty shipping boxes. Shipping boxes are made from corrugated material. Corrugated cardboard consists of 3 layers; the middle layer is the medium which is formed in a wave-like ridge pattern. These ridges are commonly known as flutes and are available in multiple designations. The medium is sandwiched between two flat sheets called liners.

In a standard cardboard box, only a single medium layer is placed between two liners. In large shipping boxes for sale, two corrugating mediums and three liners are used. The increased protection offers better stability for heavyweight items like appliances. Due to its construction, heavy-duty cardboard boxes are also known as double-wall boxes home depot.

What are Heavy-Duty Extra-Large Boxes Used For?

Now that you know the difference between standard and heavy-duty extra-large boxes, you can make an informed decision while moving or packing products to see which is the right fit for your needs.

The 5-ply construction of heavy-duty mailing boxes makes them ideal for shipping, storage, and moving. They have superior strength and stability and are used for heavyweight, valuable items like appliances, books, heavy machinery, etc. The extra strength also ensures the sturdy packing boxes absorb any impact or shock during transit.

Moreover, a higher number of corrugated medium layers also increases the rigidity of the box and prevents it from bending under pressure, making them ideal for long-term storage and stacking. Thus, home depot shipping boxes can also be used for archiving.

Where to Buy Heavy-Duty Cardboard Boxes

“Where can I buy extra large boxes for sale?” This is a question asked by most businesses looking to ship their products. There are multiple online packaging suppliers and local vendors available. But don’t make the mistake of buying from the first business you find.

Do your research, compare different vendors to buy heavy-duty cardboard boxes, check their prices and customer reviews, and then decide. Heavy-duty mailing boxes are more expensive than their standard counterparts and, thus, should be chosen carefully and ordered in the right dimensions.

Moreover, you can also opt for home depot heavy-duty shipping boxes. They have heavy-duty extra-large shipping box sizes and offer discounts for bulk orders. This way, you get a better deal.


We hope this blog post has answered the question, “where can I get a big box for shipping?” Sturdy packing boxes offer increased protection, strength, and rigidity, making them perfect for multiple uses, such as long-term storage and delivery of large, fragile items. You can find heavy-duty shipping boxes home depot from several online and retail vendors.