Here are a few creative ideas for homemade costumes!
Let’s Get Corrugated!

1. The Rubik’s Cube

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It’s a perfect cube and the boxiest of all boxes. This one is pretty straight forward. Start by getting a cube box big enough to fit yourself inside. Face the box with the open end on the ground and then cut out holes for your arms & head.  If you cut it outright, you won’t need any strapping or support rather the box will rest directly on your shoulders.
Next, paint a frame and a grid of colors on all sides. We suggest using permanent marker for the background and just get some colored cardboard paper and cut that to the size of the grid. Paint won’t work as well, see here
Tip. You don’t need to color the whole box black if you will be adding the colored part of the rubik’s cube.

2. The Robot

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This is a classic and probably one of the most popular. It’s also a no brainer to start this one but when you get to design it the variations are endless. You can simply draw and color in some gadgets on the box or attach actual material or combine both! You’ll want to get 2 boxes for this one. Make the body/frame the same way as the rubik’s cube. When it comes to the head, you can create a mask with breathing holes and eyehole or just leave it. It might be easier to use it as a hat, and it’ll give that boxy primitive robotic look.

3. Dice

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This one is not as well known but just as simple, you can even do it as a group. First, color your box either black or white then cut out some circles for your dice body/frame. Make sure the circles are the opposite color of your body/frame. Four circles will keep it symmetrical and it might be difficult to fit any more than that. You can even use the bottoms of styrofoam bowl and cut them out and stick them on.

4. The Vending Machine

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This one is the most complex but great for foodies, you might want to use a heavy-duty box depending on how heavy you will be loading it. For a step by step, you’ll have to do some good research or just come up with something on your own as there are so many ways this can be done, and who says you need to fill it with candy? You can try some healthy alternatives too!

5. Out-of-the-Box

This one is really easy and actually very creative, just put some eye holes and breathing holes and draw whatever you’d like as the face!
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