Best Price Guarantee The Boxery

We pride ourselves with offering superior pricing industry wide. Our business is built on trust along with the personal company relationships garnered through years of hard work and tireless service hours providing businesses the comfort they need when shopping online. Being in business over 20+ years allows us to stand by this pledge to bring you the best pricing available. We will match or beat any pricing on the web. We want to make sure you can be completely confident when making your purchase with us. We’re crazy about service and do all we can to make you know it. Your satisfaction is always paramount!

To proceed with a price match request, please email the items in question along with the website and your ship to zip code. Once we confirm the pricing we will issue you a special discount code to use with your purchase. You may also call us during business hours @ 877.826.9379 and have any price match done on the spot. The price match turnaround time is usually within the hour during normal business hours. We hope this provides you with the comfort you deserve when browsing our extensive collection of packaging supplies.

Thank you

The Boxery Team